Civil Defence

Civil Defence Vision - the pro-active program in action includes you!

Civil Defence, Industry & Enterprise Vehicles

Boots for Life Program - custom made real leather, high traction, extreme quality Canadian Boots, for work, hiking, mountaineering, expeditions, combat, the most comfortable down to earth everyday boots you can wear all year anytime!

Adventure Co-operative : Equipment & Gear, Combat - Mountaineering - Expedition - Sport - Survival - Camping - hunting & fishing, Civil Defence
camoflage thermal proof outfit, microwave proof gear & clothes
Textiles : clothing, tent & tarps, pro-active Made in Canada

Custom Weapons

Guns & Ammo Portfolio : ammo production & supply, production infrastructure
Guns & Ammo co-operative : buy, sell, trade, supply,
Guns & Ammo : invest in local & regional re-loading capacity network, ammo dividends

Drone - Spy & Crime - pro-active & counter measures

Co-development with :
As-Garde Machine and Mecatronics Inc. -

Space Exploration & Intel - moved to :

Firearms news and resource base, promotion, awareness, training, industry
association & member VIP specials and limited offers

Arsenal of Democracy - freedom of speech and association, independence
- local owned, controlled, voted and edited news - paper, radio, tv, internet;
- get away from liberal fascist foreign controlled anti Canadian mass media;
- Counter-measures to crime, treason, genocide, war and immorality;

Defence Associations


The Defence Associations C5 Program: B301_DA_C5

Financial Notes - money, thoughts, actions, attitudes in the real world

Check out : the Battlegroup 301 Incorporated - Personnel_E or click on :


Civil Defence Network

Enterprise Defence Network

Executive Command Program

Citizen Protector M1A -

National Security Threats

■ Freedom 2022

The Real PM

Treason - Genocide - War Series

TRUE Border & Territory Integrity

Straight White Male

Websites of awareness, perspective and interest : : : : -

Pro-Health : COVID-19 - the vaccine bio-weapon - graphene oxide - counter-measures

Adverse Reporting Events System

Knights of the Round Table Church - your right to self defence, to have, maintain and use weapons, identify the enemy, any weapon is a ceremonial weapon…

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Civil Defence Development Program
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Due to national security reasons, freedom is not free,
And since you already know that, you already know what to do…
and you probably have a good idea what not to do…

Now, You are free to go!