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The Straight White Male

The real Dad or father or ideal figure, preserves, creates, sustains and amplifies family tradition, the continuity of unified family government, providing boundaries, rules, rights and responsibilities, inter-generational family wealth and transfer in trust, identity, masculine role models, character, personality, confidence and self esteem, competence and ability, love for learning and self improvement, dynamic leadership, resourcefulness, independence, freedom, optimism, mannerisms, industrious work ethic, successful business and professional ethics, have pride, love, acceptance and encouragement for their kids, relationship ethics for more civilized advanced civilization building.

Additionally, depending on the family, real knowledge and awareness about the real world of national and geo-politics, economics and who the enemy is, and concerning realities about "The War against the Family", and also the anti nation state crowd, and all the related cultural marxism nation destroyers and home wreckers, while emphasizing a more pro-active optimistic and self sufficient outlook, developing greater levels of awareness, understanding, discernment, wisdom and building solid character, for real family with true values that are an asset to the community as the a foundation and building block of society and an asset to the country, industry, enterprise, national and cultural security and national and civil defence.

Greater awareness and family culture includes rights and responsibilities, talking about money, politics, religion, morality, sex, political issues, nutrition and health. This can be expanded to include understanding and awareness of mass media deceptions, psychological operations, psychology and awareness of propaganda, mind control techniques and social conditioning, especially with the so called education system, which is involved in dumbing down, destroying family and true values, sedition, subversion, insurrection and treason, including race traitors and self hate, poisoning bodies and minds. Not talking about that with your kids is like subjecting them to the most diabolical anti family anti true values people on the planet, the "educational system".

Additionally, since the education system is morally and intellectual bankrupt and is engaged in genocide and war against white people, and even more so against the straight white male, it is essential that families exercise the responsibility for kids to have basic literacy of reading, comprehension, cursive writing, fractions, mathematics, money, geometry, analytical or critical thinking skills, never mind more advanced capabilities and competence, character building, faculties of creative imagination, trades and technology or professional endeavours.

Evidently that "traditional curriculum" is all racist, according the to "education system" especially since white people normally excel at those subjects unless they have been mind wiped, by drugs, alcohol, propaganda, hyper sexualization, cultural marxism, not having proper nutrition, experienced systemic discrimination, accusations and other attacks on their whiteness, identity, family, values or anything else, including divorce or family issues which can effect a persons ability to study, notwithstanding all the damage from electromagnetic and microwave technology, electro chemical over control, related endocrine disruptors, poisoned air, food, water and toxic atmosphere that is oppressive and hostile to white people, in particular the straight white male.

Additionally, if one factors into consideration the vaccine fascists and bio-weapons genocide maniacs, the anti firearms anti nation state traitors, then the simultaneous genocide and war vector scenarios are increased exponentially.

Naturally, the Knights of the Round Table Church offers a magnitude of relevant options that empower the individual in addition to spiritual vitality, character building, nation building and leadership development for the family, enterprise, industry, government and society and an increasing important and vital element emphasizing physical and spiritual survival value and a more civilized society and survival of individuals and families, community and culture, national identity, national assets, national and civil defence, and spiritual self defence at a whole new level.

Nationalist - Patriot - Citizen
Personal and Nation State Sovereignty
Freedom - Autonomy - Independence - Health
Power - Dignity - Stability - Mobility - Agility

In accordance with Peace, Order and Good Government;

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