Citizen Protector M1A - Leading Edge Civil Defence
The Protector of Citizens
The Agent charged with defending the rights of citizens against government administration.

Nationalist - Patriot - Citizen
Personal and Nation State Sovereignty
Freedom - Autonomy - Independence - Health
Power - Dignity - Stability - Mobility - Agility

In accordance with Peace, Order and Good Government;

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The Straight White Male

Treason - Genocide - War Series

Vaccine Passports - observation & analysis war vector scenarios

National Security Threats

EMF, RFI, 5G bio-weapons

The penalty of treason is death…since courts and security establishments and law enforcement may not be doing their job…

Anyone care to guess who has the right to execute true justice against incorrigible real national security threats?

Dux Bellorum

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Here is something new, that we have been talking about for about 10 million years, of which one of Canada's top lawyers put into legal writing and action:

or archived here for reference and backup: police-noa-redacted.pdf