National Security and Defence Vision

National Security and Defence Vision - Summary
■ Canadian Defence Technology industrial Base Vision
■ Industry Defence Vision
■ Enterprise Defence Vision
■ Civil Defence Vision

■ Nation State Sovereignty Vision
■ Sovereign Money - real M1 tangible debt free currency;
■ Nationalist, Patriots, Citizens & the Founding people, ethnocentric ;
■ Peace, Order and Good Government;
■ Rectify deficiencies, Constitutional, de facto and de jure

■ Counter measures to General ZOG, supra-national & anti nation state entities;
■ Problematic deep state,, crime, treason, high treason, genocide, war, immorality, terrorism, bio-terrorism, in addition to conflicts of interest, ethics, and other inappropriate actions;

■ National Security Council
■ National Security Intel Analyst & Advisory

■ Protector - unified real national security threat and enemy identification;
■ Education & Character;

■ Made in Canada as National Economic and National Defence Security;

Peace and War Vector Scenario Summary Analysis
direct, indirect, covert & overt, proxy, traditional, modern, asymmetrical;
■ genocide, all types foreign and domestic, super-imposed including government;
■ The Made in China national security threats;
■ Religious & ethno-religious threats, including demographics in Canada;
■ Religions who have declared war against us - facts not hate speech;
■ Corrupt foreign allies, proxy warfare and problematic challenges;

National Defence Challenges
Industrial Defence Challenges
Enterprise Defence Challenges
Civil Defence Challenges
■ Spiritual Self Defence Challenges

National Security & Defence Operating Environment

Defense Technology - National Defence Challenges - National Security Threats - Citizen Protector M1A - The Problematic Challenge