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Defence Technology Projects

National Defence Challenges

ADM Integrity Options
Request for Proposal : Optimization
Infrastructure, Capabilities, Capacity & Competence
Request for Source Qualifications : Pro-Active

National Defence Challenges
Treasury Board :
Political - Government - elected & un-elected;
Treason, sabotage, genocide, neutralize problems;
Mass media propaganda, anti nation state "enemies";
Logistics, Infrastructure & Personnel;
High jacked, infiltrated & subversion of political parties & agents;
invalied, illegal oaths, allegiance for foreign criminal agencies & entities;
not real Canadian MPs MPPs, not nationalists, not founding people;
multi-cult diversified, virtue signalling, division, forced co-operation with the enemy;
super imposed cultural marxism anti nation state anti founding people;
not aligned, infiltrated, foreign allegiance, compromised un elected key and regular personnel, secret agenda contrary to nation state, or self serving at the expense of others incuding Defence capabiitles, Defence Technology;
suppression and censorship of other options technology, vision developments;
Defence Technology Vision - major vehicle development

National Defence War Vector Scenario -

counter-measures corresponding socio-political PsyOp theatres:
Identify the enemy …yes even people in Defence have this problem…
Foreign &/or Enemy Ownership, Control, Voting & Editing - info war
enemy communication assets utilized in propaganda, election interference
3G, 4G & 5G bio-weapon microwave towers, smart meters & technology
hate laws and other definitions, virture signallying against nationalists;
incompatible personnel that vex and are enemies of real Canadians;
super imposed cultural marxism, foreign anti nation state agendas

super imposed personnel engaged in "diversification" to aggravate and discriminate, assasinate character, reduce morale in the troops, increase division not unity, only whtes are racists, nationalist are racists and "inappropriate to the defence of Canada" character defamations, libel and slander and criticisms against white people, the holier than thou methodology, bringing up the past from a "million years ago…" etc etc et al, CBC and mainstream fakestream liberalism anti nation state attacks and division, smear campaign…puppets, traitors, genocide maniacs, illegal 1982 Constitution, illegal Multicultural Act…

Political parties, high jacked, infiltrated, subversion, engaged in crime, treason, genocide, war, immorality, race traitors, race hate, election fraud, character and agenda misrpresentation and fraud, identity fraud, political ideology fraud, allegiance to a
foreign criminal agency, fraudulent oaths, problematic Privy Council, treason against Canada and Canadians, Privy council oath, existing and previous political agents working for enterprise with the practice of treason, selling out the country, illegal, unethical business practice, other prosecution free license to commit crime, treason and genocide and financial and industrial warfare against Canada, Canadians, industry and enterprise.

Foreign control of Canadian Government, governments masquerading as religions, super imposed agendas and war vector scenarios, compromised people with inadequate character, morals, ethics, true Canadian values (not super imposed liberalism, liberal fascist, homo fascist, white replacement migration, legal and illegal immigration, criminal invaders & barbarians, special visa, foreign student visa for foreign enemy combattants and military personnel) anti nation state fascists, and disqualified and not qualified characters and not real Canadian (founding people) MPs & MPPs ;

National Security Risks to be neutralized…;
Educational propaganda mind control;
Cultural Marxism, Anti nation-state, white genocide;
crime, treason, genocide, war, immorality, debt, sickness, disease;
vaccine genocide, drug genocide, microwave technology genocide;
pesticides, toxic poisons & chemicals in air, water, food, environment;
Education, Character and Skilled Trades genocide;
Foreign Ownership, Control, Voting & Editing - info, socio political & cultural war;

Toxic work environment the real systemic racism is the post modernist cultural marxist anti white anti nation state real hate speech known as: anti-racist aka anti white aka white genocide; colonialism or settlor colonialism etc, white supremacy (no jew supremacy) anti patriarchy (anti real family heterosexual relationships), anti straight white male and female, endless critical race theory lies, misinformation, deception, mind control and related propaganda social engineering and cultural genocide, alphabet sexual perverts and fascists; flag wars, endless privilege, institutional whiteness, colonial history, settler colonial legacies of whiteness, whiteness and white settler identities real hate speech, all national security threats, inlcuding the last two Hindu Ministers of National Defence, the PM and Deputy PM, who engaged in genocide, bio-terrorism, treason and high treason against the CAF and government Personnel and Canadians in general.

Enemies Foreign & Domestic, Racist enemy combattants engaged in acts of war & acts of aggression, terrorism, bio-terrorism & genocide against Canadian Armed Forces Personnel, (and real Canadians) aka "forced vaccination" by bio-weapons, various specified Ministers of Defence (India nationality), corresponding invasion, migration, immigration etc et al; including treason within the CAF, concerning the forced "vaccine" bio-weapons bio-terrorism genocide;
Class action & tactical options; remedies & recourse;

Citizen Journalist, Free speech platform
Restore Peace, Order & Good Government, not crime, treason, genocide, war etc.
Restore Founding People - away from super imposed Multicultural Act agendas;
Integrated Treasury Reserves versus &/or enable augment Treasury Board;

Solving The Recruiting Personnel Staffing Problem:
Eliminate : freaks, rejects, alphabet fascists, vax genocide, toxic environment, insults, accusations, oppression, social engineering, cultural genocide, outdated equipment, general zog, jew zionist proxy wars & mass media mind control, public opinion, social engineering, anti nation state propaganda, bullshit political parties and governments full of traitors, pedophiles and related perverts, and foreign not real canadians in government and related national security threats, race traitors, the so called "education system" that is engaged in physical, sexual and cultural genocide, in addition to the dumbed down curriculum, no more anti white bullshit, as in zero, no more super imposed foreign nationalities and religions and oppressive post modernism war vector scenario and super imposed genocide in our face and space. No more real national security threats in any level of government and corresponding corrupt "education system" or in the CAF.

If people in CAF and related national security and law enforcement including Elections Canada would exercise moral courage and actually Stand on Guard for Canada, we would not have this problem. Evidently they have not learned about Dux Bellorum or the fact that one person can make a difference, which includes initiative and moral courage. These are professional, intelligent, competent, devoted personnel with integrity, that may only need some encouragment and a wake up call to reality and to have faculties of awareness, perspective and perception, with the understanding resolution and determination to do something about it, doing the right thing, right makes might, white makes might. We have certain people in government in certain positions of power that are totally unfit and disqualified to be there, and yet they are super imposed and super impose the anti Canadian anti nation state anti white real systemic anti white racism agenda everywhere.

As far as the chain of command goes, abuse of personnel is unethical, allegiance to a foreign criminal agency is unethical, a collaborateur with enemies foreign and domestic is unethical, enforcing the super imposed so called "Vaccine" bio-weapon genocide is unethical, it actually is treason, high treason, terrorism and bio-terrorism; (and no, you will not find this in the Canadian Military Journal);

Debt free currency and Made in Canada - unity, vision, identity and purpose;
Unified - nationalist or no political party
Censorship proof and jam proof communication, command & control integrity;
Character of nationalist personnel - enable, augment, amplify, deploy

Tools, Technology, Weapons & Resources - defence continuum
third party assessement;
Experience, Capability, Capacity, Capital
production infrastructure - Invitation to Qualify
Request for Proposal capability, relevant and comprehensive
due diligence - financial power, reserves and revenue stream generation;
resource base and upgrade capacity, secure supply chain infrastructure;
value for money, project and funds management;
accountability at all levels prime and subcontract;
Pro forma and project management schedules, time and cost audit comparison;

Summary of observations of common war vector scenarios, national security integrity check, risks, challenges and general options. See "True National Security & Defence Competence.pdf" corresponding counter measures to war vector scenarios, with geo-political and exo political factors, PsyOp, and global perspective and multi-dimensional points of reference including a magnitude of relevant options, mission tasking and resource base and the Battlegroup 301 Command Centre.

Concerning Education, it is currently in Provincial jurisdiction, however, the post modernism, communism, cultural marxism, etc et al, race traitor, sexual and cultural genocide being super imposed constitutes a national security threat, in addition to the dumbed down curriculum, the United Nations and other foreign super imposed
agendas, the anti-nation state, anti-white environment, anti straight white male, anti real family (the war against the family) are all national security threats;

UN, WHO & WEF are national security threats, and global security threats, engaged in anti nation state sovereignty activities including terrorism, bio-terrorism, economic, currency, industrial, enterprise and cultural warfare, in addition to rogue NATO, (general zog puppets and rubber stamp coward crowd of traitors and infidels, having that as their badge of honour) illegal wars, warmongering elements and operatives; (probably more positive, polite and diplomatic ways to say it, sorry, it's not that it is above my pay grade, only simply the kick ass way to be politically correct…) other people would say, fukk you! ok back to the program of convoluted intrinsic code…

Evidently, this can be expanded on in much greater detail…

Special Notice: concerning Canadian Armed Forces - CAF personnel; aka let it RIP dispensation…
This also applies to the United Kingdom and France and some aspects to USA: with corresponding relevant aspects, you have a moral duty to act and in consideration of the Defence Mission, a personal and collective responsability. Additionally, for all the CAF Personnel who have left for various evident and not so evident reasons, that conflict with your conscience and nationalist heart and soul, which has made it impossible to remain, notwithstanding the magnitude of the super imposed genocide against the CAF from the traitors in the Canadian Government, including the various racist Hindu/India (for lack of a better description, known terrorists in Canada (jagmeet etc et al, sorry RCMP and OPP and TMP, MP, MPP or MLA etc et al, did I miss anyone?

Oh yeah, Elections Canada, the NSICOP, CSIS of which security protocols only limit some incursions; and not all incursions are hostile or from or to enemy state, certainly not the state of righteousness, for a more noble decryption code, allowing you a generous amount of time to figure that out, like 2 seconds…the only problem is the problematic redaction or redacted comments which would expose the crime, treason, genocide, war and immorality of enemies foreign and domestic, including various specific races and religions as well as state actors.

We interrupt the program from a word from the Command Centre:
The fact is if some people did their job properly we would never have gotten into this mess as we are now with all out war in Canada. Canada's real war. That's the challenge, to do your job!

Imagine, the CAF, RCMP, CSIS, NSICOP hmmm oh yes wait for it, you are waiting for the command code…after all, you like the chain of command right? What if the chain of command is compromised, subverted, neutralized, a hypnotized puppet, a deep state actor engaged in treason? What if the real command code is from an ultra-nationalist? a patriot? A straight white Canadian? What if he is really His Excellency, the real royal power? Not the fake countefeit royal power, the real power, with real leadership, real dedication, real integrity? What if that is real nation state sovereignty? What if the command code is from an autonomous super intelligent entity, a real person, someone down to earth, what if he was super rich and could look after all your problems and worries, what if he had the power to launch or deploy any number of forces and weapons and resources to do your job? Would you just do your job, your duty, or go above and beyond the call of duty, your job description? What if you knew someone somewhere was looking, taking notes, in a report. What if you have a chance right now, to prove youreself, to be successful in Mission Tasking? Certainly you must know what that is right now at a basic level, in addition to what you discover in great detail at, right?

Back to the racist genocide Hindu Minister of Defence, whether imported or born here due to long range infiltration, subversion and destruction modus operandi, and yes, I know a lot more Latin than that, in addition to sanscrit and ancient Aryan language of the Gods…) enemy Ministers of Defence and enemy Hindu people, (perhaps they should all leave before they are indicted and have their assets confiscated and they are relocated to somewhere more appropriate), however reverse speech analysis would render it as destroyed, including acts of agression, war and genocide, terrorism, bio-terrorism, treason and high treason, with the super imposed "so called vaccine", bio-weapon. Those of the India national race extraction (now classified as enemies foreign and domestic and real national security threats) have not stopped with the genocide to the Candian Armed Forces, with the current Minister of Justice Arif Virani and the genocide C-63 weapon, a war against civilians and all freedom with the totally illegal hate speech laws. Kill whitey, genocide whitey, imprison whitey, censor whitey.

We have other problems to deal with, in addition to the current minister of injustice engaged in a holy war of Muslims v Christians, Hindu v Christians, zionist jews v Christians, and a race war definitely with the India national extraction v white Canadians as well as the globalist anti nation state sovereignty war vector scenarios.

How is this for a test of opporunity and integrity:

A million dollar prize to identifying anyone in government that identified correctly that the vaccine is in fact a bio-weapon and that forced vaccination is bio-terrorism and genocide…

Another million dollar prize to identifying anyone in government that identified correctly enemies foreign and domestic including specifically those engaged in genocide, terrorism, bio terrorism, treason and high treason against the Canadian Armed Forced and Canadians…

How is that for starters? It's the thought that counts, right?

Since the deployment of bio-weapons against us in the kill whitey campaign, and engaged in war and genocide, and naturallyt not limited to acts of aggression by the India Hindu and Muslim as evidenced, as there are other goblin based war and genocide campaigns right now…

the destruction of moral and unified combat capabilities, discipline in the ranks, various forms of abuse, including mental, psycological, sexual, status, rank, operational status, cultural marxism, cultural genocide, the war against whitey, super imposed agendas such as sexual perversion and the alphabet fascists, and any and all orders from General ZOG, enemies foreign and domestic, enemy combattants, religious holy wars, enemy collaborateurs;

you need to know the present strategic, tactical and operational state is severely compromised, with these known national security threats, including to the Defence Mission Capabilities, it is evident we are facing an incredible magnitude of treason and high treason, and threat to the existence of Canada as we know it, furthermore, if you fail in Mission Tasking, knowing what you know, this will be tragic, and let it be known, a parallel National Defence exists, with a Real Minister of National Defence, a nationalist…freedom of choice is essential, Respect and Trust with real integrity in the chain of command is essential, the Defence Mission is essential. Do or Die ! Oh look there is a kill switch, how cool is that?)

Would you like to experience a real nationalist, unified combat capable force empowered by the Defence Mission and visionary leadership? Will you let the enemy destroy your country, and your people? Or will you let the common citizen do your job because of your total mission tasking failure enabled the total destruction of your country and real nationals, real citizens.

Dux Belorum

Special Notice : Geo Engineering, 5G/microwave, Chemical poisons, vaccine bio-weapon genocide:
Geo Engineering and the corresponding pre-mediated and systematic chem trail spraying is an act of war, which is being predominately done in the United States, and also in Canada, part of the weather warfare and weather manipulation technology agenda (See: ;

5G satelllites are space based weapon systems and an illegal weaponization of space;

Chemical poisons warfare are lethal and part of the genocide technoogy deployment, everything from glyphosate, endocrine disruptors, such as harmonal contraceptives, birth control, drugs for all sorts of impossible to prove scientific psychologocial conditions and polluted water suppy, phtalates etc et al,

Mind virus mind poisons, the so called educational system engaged in dumbing down people, with poisoned ideas, primarily involved in cultural and sexual genocide in the much larger theatre of operations known as the war against the family, race treason, race mixing, sexual perversion, the war against whitey, the war against the straight white male & female now also, the related cultural marxism, communism, woke, anti nation state, the de-industrialization agenda, the corresponding subversion of people utilized by international groups, allegiance to foreign criminal agencies, foreign controlled unions, history revisionism, destruction of white history, pedofilia and proxy pedafilia arbitrary government, general zog, communication and media infrastructure and publications or broadcasting, including music, entertainment, overt and subliminal sound and video, by enemies foreign and domestic, and much are are threats to the national, industrial, enterprise and civil defence of Canada.

Health sovereignty/nation state sovereignty : considerable magnitude of peace and war vector scenarios in direct, indirect/proxy and asymmetrical efforts are deployed on a global scale and country/race/tribe specific range of options;

Spiritual, civilized character building states and advanced civilization warfare : can be expanded upon in great detail;

Weapon systems and related campains to neutralize threats and targets are essential. It appears that Battelgroup-301 is the primary source of a comprehensive range of Identifying the enemy and the development and deployment of technology or capability to remove those threats. The challenges in the Defence community is primarily in being a patriot engaged in nation state sovereignty or being a traitor, serving enemies foreign and domestic and having allegiance to a foreign criminal agency and expendable in national genocide and anti nation state activities.General Z assumed total command and control of CAF, imagine that….

Make a difference: It is possible to make a contribution (See: Commerce & E-transfer) for campaign counter-measures to: anti 5G , Chemical poisons, Mind Virus/Mind poisons, Health sovereignty/nation state sovereignty, spiritual, character building and advanced civilization;

See also : Industry Defence Challenges - Enterprise Defence Challenges - Civil Defence Challenges

Governor General of Canada
Minister of National Defence
Inspector General of Canada

Future MND of Canada Minister of National Defence

Who is defending National Defence and the CAF Personnel? Who is defending the integrity of the National Security infrastructure, so they can do their job, without selling their soul to the devil or some foreign criminal agency or other traitors? Who is encouraging these highly competent people to exercise moral courage and express the best of who they are? Battlegroup 301, that's who. Is there any one else, left on the battlefield? Speak now, audacity and fortitude, conscience and courage, a step in the right direction, are all good things to exercise. Effort not excuses, confidence not fear. FEAR is false evidence appearing real, a PsyOp, super imposed by enemies foreign and domestic, engaged in the battlespace of the heart, mind and soul…

Now ask yourself, what can I do to make a difference, eh?

You could join and discover the Comeau Doctrine, You could have real inspriation from Comeau's Real Canadian Military Journal, you could join, or die…do or die…it's an opporunity, not an ultimatum…of course in dealing with thousands of peace and war vector scenarios, and using a time machine is a lot like astral time travel, which is a lot more advanced than simple remote viewing, you could imagine what it would be like to step into the future, to envision that and describe what that would be like. You could see your self now, in the future, looking back in time, self, you made a wise decision, a brilliant decision, you were pro-active, you had purpose and a mission, something only you could do, and you went forward, step by courageous step, exercising leadership, as a warrior, not simply a combat soldier taking orders under the chain of command, it was you, the individual super achiever with a conscience and character, honour and duty, moral courage and combat capable, you won the battle, victory after victory, a super conqueror, combat psychic super soldier, yes, and ultra-nationalist even more so, on an exponential scale, epic proportions, heart, mind and soul, the hero, the knight in armour, the quest for the holy grail, in the wasteland with the broken sword, a new sword was given to you, a new spirit, a spirit of power, love and a sound mind, the nationalist on fire, honour, duty and beyond duty, loyalty, integrity, brotherhood, courage and confidence, knowledge, skill and power, professional competence to believe and achieve, energy, vitality, invincibility, the resolution to succeed, to simple know and do, and for those who have, more is given. You got it right the first time, intense, dynamic and awesome, you lived life on new ground with a new vision and purpose, the battlegroup of one. Unified, focused, brilliant problem solving and creative faculties, courageous and encouragine, optimistic and enthusastic, you made all the difference.

You already know what to do!

National Security Threats - National Security and Defence Vision

Battlegroup-301 Incorporated
the conscience and moral courage of national security and intelligence
Visionary - Pro-Active - Dedicated

We need to go beyond simply
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Peace, Order and Good Government
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Defense Technology - Citizen Protector M1A - The Problematic Challenge

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