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Defence Technology Projects

National Defence Challenges

ADM Integrity Options
Request for Proposal : Optimization
Infrastructure, Capabilities, Capacity & Competence
Request for Source Qualifications : Pro-Active

National Defence Challenges
Treasury Board :
Political - Government - elected & un-elected
Treason, sabotage, genocide, neutralize problems
Mass media propaganda, anti nation state "enemies"
Logistics, Infrastructure & Personnel
High jacked, infiltrated & subversion of political parties & agents
invalied, illegal oaths, allegiance for foreign criminal agencies & entities
not real Canadian MPs MPPs, not nationalists, not founding people
multi-cult diversified, virtue signalling, division, forced co-operation with the enemy
super imposed cultural marxism anti nation state anti founding people;
not aligned, infiltrated, foreign allegiance, compromised un elected key and regular personnel, secret agenda contrary to nation state, or self serving at the expense of others incuding Defence capabiitles, Defence Technology;
suppression and censorship of other options technology, vision developments;
Defence Technology Vision - major vehicle development

National Defence War Vector Scenario -

counter-measures corresponding socio-political PsyOp theatres:
Identify the enemy …yes even people in Defence have this problem…
Foreign &/or Enemy Ownership, Control, Voting & Editing - info war
enemy communication assets utilized in propaganda, election interference
3G, 4G & 5G bio-weapon microwave towers, smart meters & technology
hate laws and other definitions, virture signallying against nationalists;
incompatible personnel that vex and are enemies of real Canadians;
super imposed cultural marxism, foreign anti nation state agendas
super imposed personnel engaged in "diversification" to aggravate and discriminate, assasinate character, reduce morale in the troops, increase division not unity, only whtes are racists, nationalist are racists and "inappropriate to the defence of Canada" character defamations, libel and slander and criticisms against white people, the holier than thou methodology, bringing up the past from a "million years ago…" etc etc et al, CBC and mainstream fakestream liberalism anti nation state attacks and division, smear campaign…puppets, traitors, genocide maniacs, illegal 1982 Constitution, illegal Multicultural Act…

Political parties, high jacked, infiltrated, subversion, engaged in crime, treason, genocide, war, immorality, race traitors, race hate, election fraud, character and agenda misrpresentation and fraud, identity fraud, political ideology fraud, allegiance to a
foreign criminal agency, fraudulent oaths, problematic Privy Council, treason against Canada and Canadians, Privy council oath, existing and previous political agents working for enterprise with the practice of treason, selling out the country, illegal, unethical business practice, other prosecution free license to commit crime, treason and genocide and financial and industrial warfare against Canada, Canadians, industry and enterprise.

Foreign control of Canadian Government, governments masquerading as religions, super imposed agendas and war vector scenarios, compromised people with inadequate character, morals, ethics, true Canadian values (not super imposed liberalism, liberal fascist, homo fascist, white replacement migration, legal and illegal immiration, special visa, foreign student visa for foreign enemy combattants and military personnel) anti nation state fascists, and disqualified and not qualified characters and not real Canadian MPs & MPPs ;

National Security Risks to be neutralized…
Educational propaganda mind control
Cultural Marxism, Anti nation-state, white genocide
crime, treason, genocide, war, immorality, debt, sickness, disease
vaccine genocide, drug genocide, microwave technology genocide
pesticides, toxic poisons & chemicals in air, water, food, environment
Education, Character and Skilled Trades genocide
Foreign Ownership, Control, Voting & Editing - info, socio political & cultural war

Class action & tactical options

Citizen Journalist, Free speech platform
Restore Peace, Order & Good Government, not crime, treason, genocide, war etc.
Restore Founding People - away from super imposed Multicultural Act agendas;
Integrated Treasury Reserves versus &/or enable augment Treasury Board;

third party assessement;
Experience, Capability, Capacity, Capital
production infrastructure - Invitation to Qualify
Request for Proposal capability, relevant and comprehensive
due diligence - financial power, reserves nd revenue stream generation;
resource base and upgrade capacity, secure supply chain infrastructure;
value for money, project and funds management;
accountability at all levels prime and subcontract;
Pro forma and project management schedules, time and cost audit comparison;

Debt free currency and Made in Canada - unity, vision, identity and purpose;
Unified - nationalist or no political party
Censorship proof and jam proof communication, command & control integrity;
Character of nationalist personnel - enable, augment, amplify, deploy

Summary of observations of common war vector scenarios, national security integrity check, risks, challenges and general options. See "True National Security & Defence Competence.pdf" corresponding counter measures to war vector scenarios, with geo-political and exo political factors, PsyOp, and global perspective and multi-dimensional points of reference including a magnitude of relevant options, mission tasking and resource base and the Hexagon Command Centre.

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Governor General of Canada
Minister of National Defence
Inspector General of Canada