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The Protector of Citizens
The Agent charged with defending the rights of citizens against government administration.

National Security Threats - general draft 3
Crime, Treason, Genocide, War & Immorality - national security threats;
Government Personnel, including any other entity, orgnization, media and communications entities or publications, enterprise, or individual;
engaged in or promoting, or legislation, enforcing, or otherwise attempting to or being ;

engaged in invalidating, nullify or override, known laws, including the right to personal health sovereignty, freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, freedom of choice, inalienable rights in addition to natural law and laws that may exist, including the Magna Carta, by super imposing other illegal laws or regulations;

by forced or mandatory vaccination, vaccine passports etc et al;

are guilty of treason, high treason, genocide, terrorism and bio-terrorism and totally disqualified and invalidated from any and all public office, and are also known as:

enemy collaborateurs, enemies foreign and domestic;
engaged in, acts of aggression, wars of aggression, psycological warfare, information warfare;

and that it is evidence that the vaccine is a bio-weapon, and such agents, entities, individuals or otherwise;
are engaged in biological war, biological terrorism, terrorism, which is the use of force or the threat of the use of force, and also biological genocide;

Emergency Acts invalidated
Any such Emergency Acts are invalidated as the so called virus was never isolated, any and all government, supranational, or otherwise, media communication entities and channels engaged in psycological warfare, information warfare, censorship of truth, (including the censorship or discrediting health options, labelling valid and truthful things, facts or remedies, or health options as misinformation) ; the use of definition fraud and misrepresentation, so called case counts fraud, the use of "presumptive" or otherwise, are also included and known as national security threats, and related to lies, deception, fraud, mispresentation, propaganda, editorial opinions and super imposed agendas, motives and modus operandi, or otherwise tactics and technique, utilized to over-ride established law and destroy or trample on civil rights,

Anti nationalist and anti-life fascism and totaltarionism - weapon system deployment
Anti nationalist and anti-life fascism and totaltarionism, represent national security threats whether or not pharma fascist, vaccine, fascist, bio-weapon fascist, microwave technology fascist, such as 5G, cell phone towers, smart meters (aka spy & crime) which microwave technology is a bio-weapon super imposed on society and life in terrestrial and space based applications, which represent the illegal weaponization of space and attacks on health, vitality, freedom and sovereignty; in addition to the super imposed genocide and attacks against life with know bio-weapons, attacks against health sovereignty, attacks against the environment and all life, the use or weather warfare, also known as geo-engineering, the use of any and all frequencies that contribute to mind control, sickness, disease and death;

Governments & Corporation Guilty of War Crimes, Genocide, Bio-terrorism
Weapon system deployment of microwave technology, cell phone towers, 5G systems, Smart Meters, by governments and Corporations are engaged in War Crimes, Genocide, Bio-terrorism, they are acts of aggression, and also represent being Enemies foreign and Domestic, this includes Phone companies, Bell & Rogers etc et al, and also includes any government provision of cell phone towers to corporations for their use and installation of the microwave bio-weapon system deployment; Any and all Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Communications or otherwise are also engaged in and guilty of War Crimes, Genocide and Bio-terrorism, and any court, Supreme Court, Provincial Court or otherwise who serves the interests and has rulings or otherwise on the side of the super imposed bio-weapon deployment of any government entity, agent, individual or corporation is also complicit and implicated in War Crimes, Genocide and Bio-terrorism, who having the responsibility and duty to look at the evidence, refuse to acknowledge the evidence, in addition to commiting considerable breach of trust, treason, high treason and other related crimes;

Supreme Court - Corrupt & Disqualified Personnel as National Security Threats
With the illegal 1982 Constitution and the illegal transfer of power to the courts, serious infractions and national security threats have been a reality and dismissed, or not acknowledged or discussed such as,

1. The illegal transfer of Power to the courts with the illegal 1982 Constitution;

2. Supra-national & Anti Nation State Actions Invalidated
Supra-national entities, organization, agendas, protocols or otherwise super imposed law, regulations or otherwise are invalid, illegal and totally unethical and contrary to the British North America Act of 1867, concerning the illegal transfer of power, and changing the form of government, and does not represent Peace, Order and Good government, as it represents, Crime, Treason, Genocide, War and Immorality, in addition to other disqualifications that go beyond merely infractions, felonies, conflicts of interest, contempt of court, contempt of law, contemp of life, and anything iniquitous; or otherwise know as anti nation state sovereignty;

3. National Debt Money Creation as a National Security Threat, as the reality of the Bank of Canada who has the exclusive monopoly right of money creation has not guarded that and has in fact allowed the creation of electronic debt money through the banking systems, has enabled the massive debt by the creation of debt money creation through treasury bonds and not real M1 money necessary for nation state sovereignty and a vibrant economy;

4. Hate Laws and Hate Speech Laws Invalid and illegal - and represents a National Security Threat;
Any and all laws concerning "Hate Laws and Hate Speech" are also illegal and represent national security threats, including any and all individuals, entities, agents and orgnizations involved in promotiing, legislation, definitions, whether binding or not, for recognition or other purposes, including the suppression and censorship of truth, facts, real history, real national security threats, or otherwise, and are known as enemies foreign and domestic, in addition to those as collaborateurs in promoting, legislation, enforcement or otherwise, who are the enemies of truth with a quest to censor truth or prosecute, punish, terrorize, attack, neutralize, invalidate, kill, torture or otherwise against any who do not conform to the official narrative, simply by pointing out the facts, ironically hate speech is directed against anti-vaxxers and people who like health sovereignty, in addition to nationalists, patriots or those aware of real history.

Hate Laws and Hate Speech Laws
are engaged in War and utilized against:

Freedom of Speech, Truth, Facts, Real History, Alternative Opinions & Belief ;
Nation State, Economic, Individual and Health Sovereignty ;
Exposing corruption, collusion, collaborateurs, conspiracy ;
Exposing crime, treason, genocide, war, immorality ;
Exposing treason, high treason, terrorism, bio-terrorism ;
Exposing bio-weapons (vaccine & microwave & 5G technology ;
Exposing government and corporate genocide against people ;
Exposing Labelling Truth as Misinformation ;
Exposing the Misinformation Label as a national security threat ;
Exposing the government and mass media misinformation, lies, deception & propaganda ;
Labelling Truth & Investigative Journalism with Integrity as Extremists ;
Exposing the labelling of white Christians as Extremist, or white supremacists ;
Exposing the Problematic Supreme Court Personnel ;
Exposing the problematic allegiance to a foreign criminal agency ;
Exposing the UN, WHO, WEF, GAVI etc et al ;
Exposing the race mixing, race genocide, race replacement evidence ;
Exposing systemic government racism, genocide, crime and immorality ;
Exposing the anti white & anti straight white mass media ;
Exposing the anti free enterprise success stories ;
Exposing Mind Control, Censoring People & other radical actions & agenda ;
Exposing transhumanism, globalism, communism etc et al ;

Iniquity, Evil, Wickedness, Immorality, Enethical and Uncivilized People and States
Anything iniquitous represents a national security threat, and an attack directly, indirectly, proxy or otherwise erosion, corruption and destruction of morality and character;

the character of an individual, entity, enterprise, family, community, nation, country, or any government entity, agents, personnel, natural and just law, common law or otherwise,

notwithstanding the appearance of not being a direct attack, as the awareness of subversion, collusion, erroneous faculties of reason, infitration, take over, coup d'etat, corrupt or otherwise iniquitous court or legislative, executive or administrative decisions and actions, erosion of values, degenerating morals, questionable or situational or any type of ethics, including any super imposed culture, laws, agendas, protocols, commissions, unfair tax, discriminatory tax, unvaxxed tax, or otherwise that are detrimental, and anti nationalist, in addition to the decay, degeneracy, destruction, disgrace, contrary and in opposition to ;

just laws and righteousness, civilized character, character building based on true values, family values, nation building, dignity, power, stability and mobility of the nation, individuals and civilized behaviour; additionally, corresponding to national security threat that iniquitous reality represents, secular clergy, liberalism and the destruction of holy righteous character, the spiritual faculties of faith and dedication to God;

Additionally, national security threats also include any detrimental actions against; citizens, so called, anti-vaxxers, white people, straight white people, the founding people of Canada, nationalists, Christians or otherwise people with morals and family values, patriots, patriots willing and able to defend Canada from all enemies foreign and domestic, whether or not in an official National Defence, Civil Defence, Industrial Defence, Reserves, law enforcement, or auxilliary personnel or otherwise; and

Detrimental actions may include information warfare, psycological warfare, proxy warfare, asymmetric warfare or otherwise, physical attacks, insults, labelling, libel, character and race defamation, intimidation, bullying, any type of financial, economic or class warfare, including denial of service, denial of benefits, denial of opportunity, vaccine passports, testing, bogus fraudulent testing or otherwise, discriminatory tax policy, tax warfare, tax enforced genocide, systemic racism against white people and specifically real Canadians, exclusion or replacement such as by race, including derogatory, vexatious and arbitrary judgements, educational opportunities and institutions with student profile favouring anti-white policy and actions, religion, belief, personal, sexual, nationalist or any other profiles, and any corresponding anti-nationalist detrimental actions are also known as national security threats;

Anti-Nationalist Actions, Entities, Organizations, Associations, Agendas, Protocols;
Anti-nationalist actions that are national security threats include; supra-national organizations, entities, agendas, protocols, communist, cultural marxist etc et all, direct, indirect or proxy homofascist and paedophilia governments, fascism-including pharma-fascist, vaccine fascists, lockdown fascists etc et al, agents, entities, associations, individuals, rogue agents, deep state agents, agents infiltrating and subversion, sabotage or neutralizing real national security assets, capabilities, technology, resources, infrastructure, institutions;

Anti-nationalist actions are also; enemies foreign and domestic who own, control, vote, edit and censor - mass media entities and publications with any and all forms of communication,

Anti-nationalists include those who have infiltrated political and government, those who super impose crime, treason, genocide, war, immorality, debt, disease, death, destruction, communism, authoritarianism, cultural marxism, etc et all, un elected permanent, white replacement, race genocide, unethical and unwise legal and illegal immigration, asylum, migration, invasion, foreign military agents, personnel, technology, including 5G cell towers, communication systems which are bio-weapons, space based 5G bio-weapons technology, smart meters, vaccines which are bio-weapons, fraudulent PCR testing or otherwise, masks which are bio-weapons, nano-technology bio-weapons, those engaged in biological warfare, electro chemical over-control, mind control, and related acts of aggression, trauma, isolation and other types of mind control, propaganda, fear, outright lies, deceptions, real misinformation and breaking any and all laws in the quest for enforced genocide, including any and all "vax mandates" "vaccine mandates" which are illegal, and additionally based on any Emergency Act, specifically where no actual virus has ever been isolated or proven to exist, the creation of cancer agents and cancer generators in vaccine and drug technology, pharma and vaccine fascists, lockdown fascists, destruction of civil rights, anti white, anti true values, anti family values;

Anti-nationalist actions also include so call educational institutions and teachers or materials promoting sexual or race genocide, race mixing, sexual perversion, zero values, stupidity, the dumbed down curriculum, race traitors, woke & broke, politically correct, cultural marxism etc et all, the development of retards, imbeciles, idiots and other mentally challenged people that cannot do basic educational requirements;

Basic educational requirements of a citizen that may include or utilize math, fractions, money, geometry, cursive writing, signing their name, reading or otherwise, logic, critical analysis, faculties of reason or appeciation for truth, goodness, beauty, character building, industrious work ethic, self sacrifice, thoughtful pro-active patriotism, economic nationalism and Made in Canada.

Corrupt & Immoral Education System as a National Security Threat
In the Book, The War Against the Family, the reality of modern life and incessant war is made evident, and tragic to anyone reading it or aware of what is going on. This is also amplifed by the current modern education system which includes a vast number of national security threats, including the war against the family and individual, and has considerable efforts focused on sexual genocide, race genocide, treason and the total corruption of morals in addition to the near total failure of solid measurable education that is useful and relevant, without the corruption of the super imposed garbage culture, multi cult multiculturalism that is fundamentally, anti Chrisitan, anti-white, anti-straight white; some of these very real national security threats as well as family security threats are also individual security threats aimed directly at the individual;

the term "progressive" represents the most backwards, obsolete, genocidal, immoral, corrupt state of being, it is devolution, deterioration, decrepit, imbecile, retarded, stupid, uncivilized, unethical, and fundamentally geared to crime, treason, genocide, war, sickness, slavery, immorality, ugliness, and garbage;

more terms that are utilized are; critical race theory, gender theory, self identification of sex choice, non-binary, pronoun choice, the interference with parents domain, the promotion of immoral relationships, homosexuality, paedofilia, the corruption of minds and bodies, birth control pills and related gender bending or gender switching chemicals, abortion, ritalin, anti straight male, anti straight female, anti heterosexual relationships in particular the war against the traditional male female marriage and monogamy dedicated to the family, the real family, not corrupted definitions of family;

Evidently, home schooling and more christian based or moral systems with true values and pro-life, are required for the development of national security rated personnel and work force in the defence industries ina addition to general and advanced manufacturing or all industries in a more integrated and vibrant realm of economic nationalism,

the public so called education system represents super imposed degenerate garbage genocide culture, against the family and nation state sovereignty and goes beyond simply being a national security threat.

Defence Personnel
Any and all actions against National Defence Personnel, Law Enforcement Personnel related to enforced vaccination or corresponding penalty or otherwise are also national security threats, are also engaged in genocide, terrorism and bio-terrorism, with a known bio-weapon, war, wars of aggression, acts of aggression, subversion, collusion, collaborateurs, enemies foreign and domestic, who may also be engaged in information war, psychological war, asymmetrical war, in addition to such illegal and unethical coercement through financial warfare, freezing of accounts, job postings or other detrimental actions, related to, national defence capabilities destruction, neutralization, weakened total force capabilities,

Additionally, concerning Defence Personnel, those engaged in moral and values destruction, including the super imposed "inclusion" of elements and individuals, which may include sexual orientation, cultural marxist or otherwise anti nationalist, "real Canadian" which is contrary to a defence doctrine of unified fighting force, and also any harrassment and bogus charges, media campaigns that challenge or disrupt or cause loss of confidence in command structure and chain of command integrity;

Weird how the Minister of Defence is engaged in genocide against Canadian Armed Forces personnel; when this exists :

A Minister of Defence, any MP, entity, associaton, enterprise, person or otherwise, or anyone else that conforms with globalist depopulation agenda, including, engaged in or involved with the destruction of Defence Personnel with character, values, capabilities, patriotism and defense ethics and capabilities, the Defence Mission, Defence doctrine and nation state sovereignty, and the health and freedom of citizens, represents and is a real national security threat, is guilty of treason, high treason, terrorism, bio-terrorism, and this includes anyone voting for any Emergency Act, any and all corresponding acts of aggression, wars of aggression, crime, treason, genocide, war, immorality, enforced sickness and death including mandates, death by lethal injection, vaccines which are bio-weapons, microwave technology bio-weapons, sexual and reproductive genocide, the war against the family, economic genocide, denial or service, violation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and inter-related acts, including the enforcement of supra-national government, agency, agenda, protocol, whether acknowledged or not, which is illegal and totally unconstitutional, in addition to governments masquerading as religions, communist and marxist ideology etc et al;

and yes some of us do know Sanscrit…

What is that? More kill whitey? More treason? More genocide? Hmmmm, treason and high treason and biological terrorism, as in bio-terrorism eh? Hmmmm collusion with enemies foreign and domestic, enemy collaboarateurs, acts of aggression and wars of aggression eh? Hmmmm How about resign, oh look, your entire Indian nationals who are not real Canadians are listed as national security threats, too late….we understand how the protocols work and mass media censorship, and amazing Indian research in english could be available to the Minister of National Defence, or is that the fake Minister of National Defence, under the fake illegal 1982 Constitution, signed by the fake queen and the treasonous prime minister ….the entire Liberal party based on Liberalism is a national security threat….allegiance and agreements and accords with
supra national entities are illegal, UN, WHO, WEF, GAVI (mostly headquartered in Switzerland, and futhermore Switzerland is not a neutral territory and represents "enemies foreigh and domestic, enemy collaborateurs, etc et al & the mountains will not save you, Salvation is of the LORD) the Multicultural Act, white replacement, pharma, drug and vacine bio-weapons fascists are all illegal forms of government. The best lawyer on the planet cannot hide treason and genocide or make any excuse with any degree of validity…the government and its agents and courts are not legit…and the enemy utilizes illegal laws and criminal actions agaist us, The Liberal Party MP represent real national security threats to Canada, has considerable racist foreigners engaged in acts of war, agression, genocide, super imposed crime, treason, immorality against Canadians, real Canadian values and family values; all other parties are not far behind;

The Charter of Rights & Freedoms, seem like a good idea, except for the illegal transfer of power in the illegal 1982 Constitution; please see: , ,;

Alliance of the Founding Peoples of Canada - something more up to speed…
Kathleen Pageot

We would like to acknowledge the great Paul Kincaid at ….
there is room for improvement …

The Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence are engaged in treason, high treason, terrorism, bio-terrorism, genocide, acts of aggression and wars of aggression, so are all MPs in the Liberal party and in fact a lot of other MPs, and MPPs or MLAs…and evidently trying desparately to get us all killed…with war with Russia Federation who has more rockets than we do skyscrapers, against a President who is far wiser and closer to God than a bunch of imbeciles representing globalist genocide control freaks…who have managed to ruin our country…

Amazing, an authority exists in Canada…

…but who does not know about the real king of England -

all kinds of reason for people not to do their job and look the other way at real national security threats, treason, high treason and genocide….

We wonder if CSIS is any smarter, more aware or simply muzzled too…

If Elections Canada really did their job, we would not be in the mess we are in right now….

Truckers are national security assets, not terrorists, not national security threats, unlike a rogue traitor engaged in treason, genocide, war, immorality and destruction of Canada and the founding people…

Freedom-2022 Freedom Convoy 2022

Now we interrupt this program for something more interesting and useful…

Office of the Future Prime Minister of Canada

The penalty of treason is death…since courts and security establishments and law enforcement may not be doing their job…the individual has all the power…

Anyone care to guess who has the right and responsibility to execute true justice against incorrigible real national security threats? Anyone realize that those protecting real national security threats are not guiltless?

Pasted Graphic

The Prime Minister is a national security threat…Hate Speech? True or False? Personal Threat? True or False?

OK, there is no such thing as replacement migration, invasion, asylum, immigration, legal and illegal, voting right usurpers ( a new term invented to represent demographic voting fraud);

sounds like hate speech and a declaration of war, a total violation against the Defence Mission….

No borders, no nation state sovereignty, no rules, no constitution, no charter of rights and freedoms, only…lawlessness….

Sin is the transgression of the law…

The only problem with this picture is that it is not the middle finger, but still possible to read between the lines, even it that is not really Pierre's son, and only a pretend wannabe, there is potential…wait for it….a cyborg robot that can use the middle finger, or an actor, to be or not to be, that is still the question…who would have thought how relevant Shakespeare would be now…

Does anybody in the Canadian Armed Forces have as real as it gets intel, battlespace awareness, or what an insult is, what a death threat is, or what replacement migration is, what obscene immigration policies and actual amount of people this includes, the amount of immigrants with a government masquerading as a religion with an ideology and actual instructions in their so called holy books, that establish the killing and murder and abuse of christians, and anyone that is not in their group, does anyone acknowledge the Minister of National Defence is engaged in genocide with the vaccine bio-weapon? or is that beyond their ability to recognize the enemy?

Does anyone know that 5G is a military bio-weapon being used against you and civilians? Does anyone even recognize a proxy war by the usual suspects? Does anyone even know or read about Real History?

Does anyone know that the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister are engaged in terrorism, bio-terrorism, treason and high treason? Or is that beyond your ability to read and know real intel, not bullshit from the propaganda mass media machine run by enemies foreign and domestic, and related enemy combattants? Or are you suffering from paycheque hypnosis to do nothing, say nothing, defend nothing, fight for nothing, fall for the incessant spiritual, information and psychological war, assymetrical warfare, that you can't quite seem to realize the reality of the situation, that someone is desparately engaged in warfare against the Canadian Armed Forces, and that is a loss of territory, loss of the flag, loss of command and control, loss of nationalist government entities and policy, loss of nationalist nation building vision, loss of the battlespace of the mind. Does anyone know, that you are now in the wasteland with the broken sword, with no compass, no leader, no unified fighting force, no battlecry, only endless concessions to the most diabolical agenda in the world? Did you think that the search for the holy grail was only a myth in movies???

Is anyone aware that the Advisory Panel represents sexually degenerate and immoral anti white, anti straight, anti-christian, anti-nationalist, anti-patriot, even anti Made in Canada Defence Technology, anti-morals, anti-nations state sovereignty, that they are also engaged in treason, race traitors and in the genocide and demoralization of the Canadian Armed Forces, dividing it, not uniting it with their sexually degenerate immorality, or that diversity is a code word for white genocide and true values of the family, peace, order and good government.

Does anyone in the Canadian Armed Forces know or acknowledge who is defending National Defence, or nation State sovereignty, true values, real family, real brothers in arms, or who they could honestly go back to back in the battlefield and fight to the end? Does anyone know that this is do or die, or that it is not a social experiment, but an all out war.

Has anyone in the Canadian Armed Forces, or how many everyday citizens read, "Dressed to Kill" by Rick Renner?
We would like to know if you have…maybe you will choose to be a national security asset and not get slaughtered by someone who has no spiritual survival value, someone who seeks to destroy you!

Defence Mission, Defence Doctrine, Defence Weapons & Tactics, Nation State Sovereignty
Awareness, Perception, Perspective, Understanding, Integrity, Duty, Honour, Faith and Confidence, God…

What's it going to be eh? Do or Die…

I set before you life and death, therefore choose life so that you and your descendants may live, for why should you die?

Dux Bellorum

The Real PM - speculation in war vector scenario and geo-politics

Republic of Kanata : incredible eh!

Reparations are not a new idea…

Canada National Security :
National Threats & Risks Database : organizations, entities, enterprise, associations, individuals, agreements, agendas & protocols;
Pro-Active & Counter-measures :
Military, Security Infrastructure, Law enforcement :
Citizens :

Bio-Weapons Database : over the counter, food, chemicals, EMF/RFI, ULF, microwave etc

National Health Threats & Health Sovereignty Threats Datebase :

Vaping is a bio-weapon : (a legal over the counter bio-weapon) neurotoxins causing brain damage, in addition to perforating and poisoning the lungs and blood, also causing damage to the eyes and extremely sensitive nose, we predict vaccination through vaping technology without disclosure or consent, ie vaccine genocide bio-weapon from vaping) any yes many guys will have their cell phone in their pocket frying their balls in addition to vaping;

Glyphosate is a bio-weapon : (legal and lethal, the commercial farmer bio-weapon of choice)
Read the article from the Cornucopio Institute:

Additionally, glylphosate paralyzes sections of the intestine, so that it does not function proper, which causes other problems such as constipation, digestion issues and related poisoning from not having frequent or daily bowel movements, as well as impairment to the brain effecting memory and thinking faculties.

All COVID-19 vaccines authorized in Canada are have and will continue to be proven dangerous, lethal and high toxicity. They are bio-weapons.

For Canadian Armed Forces and Law Enforcement Personnel & concerned Citizens:

PFIZER-BioNTech and Moderna, the so called mRNA vaccine are bio-weapons, the companies and product and people represents a national security threat to Canada and the entire planet. in addition to health sovereignty and in collusion engaged in bio-terrorism, genocide and anti-nation state sovereignty, an act of war, acts of aggression, enemy combattants, enemies foreign and domestic, and also a direct threat to the Canadian Armed Forces, white people specifically, in accordance with corresponding criminal bio-terrorism and inter-related corrupt actions of organizations such as WEF, WHO, UN, UNESCO, traitors and related genocide maniacs, etc et al; engaged in arbitrary unelected super imposed acts of war or otherwise adversarial actions against nation state sovereignty;

In Politically correct language decoded in government speak,
rare = expected, common, signficant, considerable, overwhelming; temporary = permanent; may include = does include (like food labelling); other ingredients, bio-weapons, does not contain, omits graphene oxide, luciferase, related neuro toxins, capabilities of mRNA and gene modification technology permanently encoded in the DNA of every cell in the organism/body/person; medicinal ingrediants (mRNA) bio-weapon gene modification technology, includes nanotech (graphene oxide etc); (like "artifical colours" "artificial flavour" yes, but what is it hiding in the proprietary generic term and what can it do and how does it interact with other factors, chemical, frequencies, environments etc et al;
safe, effective & high quality = dangerous, lethal and high toxicity;

Remember the Defence Mission, Identify the Enemy, Identify Enemy Weapons, Communications & Infrastructure, look WHO WEF UN WTF etc et al, is engaged in crime, genocide, bio-terrorism and warfare against you…identify the traitors, the real national security threats, Identify those against nation state sovereignty, individual health sovereignty, Identify the lies, deception, misinformation, manipulation and related acts contrary to honour, loyalty, integrity, Identify General ZOG, Identify allegiance to foreign criminal organizations, secret societies, entities, individuals, agendas, agreements and protocols…do not engage in bio-terrorism and genocide, or as a terrorist engaged in terrorism, which is the use of force or the threat of the use of force…exercise moral courage, you have it in your power, act as if you truly knew the identity of Dux Bellorum, the chain of command, from the essential soldier, command staff, law enforcement personnel or otherwise, you could choose to go forward with confidence, faith, power and conquest with the total destruction of the enemy, otherwise accept that you will in fact be totally destroyed by the enemy. Remember that there is in fact a book of life, there is in fact multiple database of real national security threats in many forms…If your life is at risk, if it is threatened, if your job, status, assets or anything otherwise is threatened, exercise moral courage, choose life, and when you are ready, perhaps in time you will be happy to serve and protect, not the enemy, not the traitor, not the criminal, not the immoral and wicked character, rather serve and protect national security assets, the righteous individual, a brother, nationalists, patriots, people with good character, the founding people of Canada, who have been subject to arbitrary, proxy war and asymmetrcal war vectors, including genocide in many forms, advanced persistent threats, PsyOps and spiritual warfare…

Citizen Protector M1A - for people that can read and who need to know…

Go to :
Civil Defence - Defence and Firearms - The Problematic Challenge

Do you think you know everything? If so, please check out this for your analysis :
the Real PM

- - hmmmm interesting eh?! - investigative journalism that makes defence and law enforcement intel a whole lot better, of course you will realize who is and who is not doing their job… - want real situational awarness and the theatre of war and organized crime, treason, genocide and war against Canada.

The Clearfield Doctrine has some important things to say

Join Battlegroup 301 Inc. - et E-Transfer and reference : M1A

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