Battlegroup 301 Incorporated -

"The Problematic Challenge" in Economic Nationalism
For those who like to use "problematic" & "presumptive" & "editorial opinions" "hate speech laws" ;

Concerning corresponding attacks against or pro-active intitiatives for :

People with morals, ethics, intelligence and awareness, family values, faith, family, freedom and free enterprise, nationalists, patriots, nation builders, individuals, entrepreneurs, enterprise and industry, people with
a conscience, intergity, true values, family values, economic development, personal defence, civil defence, national defence and industrial economic enterprise defence;

The "problematic war against industry and enterprise" We do not count on the government, to end this war, as far as we know, there is nobody talking about or doing anything about "Made in Canada" or the 95% of stuff in stores made somewhere else, or that entire industries have been wiped out, companies shut down and liquidated, people out of work. This includes "currency warfare" "sovereign governments, entities, enterprise and funds versus private enterprise", it also includes the treasonous and genocidal trade deals of Canada, with total sociopathic zero conscience and zero guilt towards Canadian industry and enteprise.

The "problematic financial institutions" typically, banks and related financial instutitutions are not interested in 'private enterprise" and more interested in gambling in the stock market, extracting wealth from rural communities and directed to big city expensive lifestyle. New companies, and having credit by mainly personal credit ratings and non separations of personal assets to business asset also cause problems.

The "problematic credit bureaus" "Foreign controlled" or so-called "domestic controlled" with zero accountability and hard to fix "in-accuracies" represent a real national security, industrial, enterprise and personal security threat and causes an astronomical number of problems for people, and enterprise looking for financing, even basic credit cards, and good luck with business credit cards.

The "problematic official narrative social credit status" Evidently, the public companies with Dunn & Bradstreet ratings and corresponding stock market gambling casino don't have a problem with credit, except now, with changes of "foreign agendas" "environmentalism" "ESG multi-cultural, cultural marxist, anti fossil fuel industry warfare, those enterprise not aligned with globalism, liberalism, the climate change hoax and super imposed over control, may have their "credit" adjusted, as in "non-existent"

The "problematic under-banked and non-banked" individual, entrepreneur and enterprise,

The "problematic Treasury Bond debt created money system" Bank of Canada;

The "problematic electronic debt created private money system" Section 91 & 92;

The "problematic elimination of the Treason Act" and not charging traitors;

The "problematic illegal 1982 Constitution and the illegal transfer of powers";

The "problematic illegal Multi-culturalism Act";

The "problematic Inclusion and Diversity" codeword for white genocide;

The "problematic not real Canadians in government";

The "problematic deep state and rogue government agents";

The "problematic good people that do nothing";

The "problematic crime, treason, genocide, war, debt and immorality';

The "problematic dumbed down cultural marxist education system';

The "problematic real national security rated personnel";

The "problematic race traitors, anti white, race mixing, foreign allegiance";

The "problematic real national security threats";

The "problematic immigration, white replacement and white genocide"

The "problematic sexual genocide";

The "problematic drug genocide"'

The "problematic vaccine bio-weapon and testing genocide";

The "problematic illegal laws and regulations and advisories";

The "problematic fake news mainstream media";

The "problematic anti-"disinformation" campaigns speech censorship";

The "problematic truth haters, history revisionist and conspiracy theory labellers";

The "problematic anti-nationalists, anti-white, anti straight white";

The "problematic war against faith, family, freedom, industry and free enterprise";

The "problematic anti nation state, supra-national, super imposed agendas";

The "problematic war against the individual, creative imagination, logic, critical analysis, personal initiative and personal responsibility";

The "problematic anti-fire arms and civil defence";

The "problematic anti private property";

The "problematic Made in Canada Defence Technology Logistics";

The "problematic anti anti-vaxxers" people against personal health sovereignty;

The "problematic Wars of Agression and Acts of Agression";

The "problematic government and enterprise sponsored genocide"

The "problematic microwave 3G, 4G & 5G bio-weapons";

The "problematic water, air, food and chemical poison";

The "problematic weather warfare technology and deployment";

The "problematic official narrative and associate lies, deception and conspiracy facts"

The "problematic destruction of the automotive industry";

The "problematic closed source computer hardware and software operating systems";

The "problematic divide and conquer, moral and capital values destruction";

The "problematic contrary non co-operation deficit";

The "problematic mass media mind control and propaganda";

The "problematic welfare state and fake economy";

The "problematic $40 billion for immigrants every year"

The "problematic $billions on national debt and compound interest";

The "problematic national and provincial debt, foreign debt";

The "problematic with transportation infrastucture and crumbling roads";

The "problematic airport infrastructure status";

The "problematic rail industry ownership, control, voting and other issues";

The "problematic with the railroads and trucking infrastructure utilized to put us out of business faster";

The "problematic pension fund crime, treason, genocide, foreign finance';

The "problematic investment funds, wealth managers, portfolio managers";

The "problematic foreign military personnel and technology in Canada";

The "problematic remote disabling technology on foreign defence technology";

The "problematic enemy combatants, enemies foreign and domestic" and "collaborateurs";

The "problematic war against the family victim" divorce, separation, alimony, estate tax, inheritance tax, excess property tax in conflict with the "Magna Carta" the liberal fascist homo-fascist legal system, the war against the straight white male, the Human Rights Tribunal, custody battles and awards, "cultural marxist" "education system", "mass media".

The "problematic super imposed foreign over-control" in addition to other ESG, (environment, social, governance) foreign agendas, globalism, cultural marxism, and anti nation state official narratives of globalism, environmentalism and anti straight white, with corresponding holier than thou virtue signalling of "inclusion" and "diversity" are actually increased agression, hate and systemic racisim and genocide against white people, in particular the founding people of Canada, and the pre-existing people. Local government is more relevant and accountable to citizens, local residents, enterprise and industy and even they can cause serious problems to the citizen and enterprise or be an asset and ally.

Federal and provincial governments that are not nationalist, and may be engaged in various degress of "liberalism" "globalism" "selling out the country" "looking after their "in style group" who may also be engaged in crime, treason, genocide, war, immorality, debt and are anti-nation state. This also includes the war against the family, industry and enterprise.

The "problematic mass media" "problematic big tech" and the corresponding "ownership, control, voting, editing and censoring" are all elements against real Canadian free enterprise, industry vitality and nation state sovereignty, with rampant liberalism, globalism, cultural marxism etc, system racism against "whitey";

The "problematic foreign ownership and control" of industry and enterprise may cause problems, challanges and threats to national security, industrial and enterprise defence;

The "problematic war against the bourgeoisie" by systemic racism and genocide by government, banks, mass media, "agendas" "Protocols" and corresponding "Acts of Aggression" and "Wars of Aggression", including "collaborateurs" to eliminate the competition, free enterprise, "real national security assets";

Nation state sovereignty requires a Made in Canada industrial economic and enterprise infrastructure, along with a nationalist real Canadian mass media, and people in government loyal to Canada and value Made in Canada.

The 95% of products in stores that are made in China is systemic racism and industrial genocide against Made in Canada and race genocide against real Canadians. A government of imbeciles and traitors, globalism and treason is the great problematic challenge.

Evidently the list is not complete and may take a while…