Office of the Future Prime Minister of Canada

In addition to all the credentials and qualifications of the Future Governor General of the Real King;

- accepting memorandums of interest and nominations for referrals, request for proposal;
- righteous character, wisdom, awareness and track record;
- Peace, Order and Good Government;
- Magna Carta and moral courage integrity check;
- Zero allegiance to a foreign criminal agency;
- nation state sovereignty & sovereign money debt free interest free money";
- common law, natural law, real justice;
- civilised advanced civilisation, nationalist, intelligent patriotiism
- a real canadian founding people heritage, nation building;
- bi-lingual is an asset but not required;
- an industrious work ethic is an asset;
- Knights of the Round Table is an asset;
- background and appreciation of history, geography, construction;
- background in national defence, industry, economics, geo-politics;
- background in Trivium : grammar, logic & rhetoric;
- background in faith, family, freedom, free enterprise;

- Zero allegiance, involvement or relationships with:
"enemies foreign and domestic', "enemy combatants", "Collaborateurs"
"Wars of Aggression" and "Acts of Aggression"
"Crime, Genocide, Treason, War, Immorality"
"Anti-nation state sovereignty", "anti-white" "anti-founding people"
"Supra-national entities, agendas, operations, agreements or otherwise"
"mass media and big tech" including "ownership, voting, control, editing and censoring" power, influence, direct or indirect;
"Governments masquerading as a religion"

"foreign criminal agency", entity, person, enterprise, organization or otherwise;
"Debt based currency systems" "compound interest" "foreign owned debt and interest payments"
"cultural marxism" "communism" "liberalism" "liberal fascists" homo-fascists" "paedofilia and proxy paedofilia" etc.

"extortion" "terrorism, terrorists" "vaccine fascists" "pharma-fascists" "medical-fascists"
"genocide maniacs" "microwave technology bio-weapons" "vaccine bio-weapons"
"chemical warfare and chemical bio-weapons" "endocrine disruptors" "drug genocide"
"anti-white" "white replacement" "demographich warfare"
"real national security threat" "anti-fire-arms",
"Spy and crime" "un-civilized behaviour"

Naturally, we are looking for that in all people in government …

if you are interested in real Canadian destiny and real nation building …

if you are aware of geo-political elements and the real war …

if you desire to Stand on Guard for Canada …

if you desire to build stronger international relationships …

if you desire to build stronger Canadian Identity …

if you desire to exercise patriotic duty, intelligent nationalism and moral courage …

if you express the best of who you are to make a difference …

Going forward;

Pedigree, character building, mission tasking proficiency, increased trust, loyalty, moral courage and outstanding ethics are essential, billingual French and English;

A proven capability to be resistent and virtually indestructable from corruption, collusion, collaborateurs and corrosion proof from:

crime, treason, genocide, war, immorality and debt based money systems, selling out the country, reckless mismanagement, endangering life, freedom, health, prosperity, nation state sovereignty, illegal laws, illegal constitution, national security threats, cultural marxism etc et al, lobby groups, trauma based mind control, foreign allegiance, destruction of true values, family values, the right of self defence and firearms, personal health sovereignty;

and additionally, the ability to identify the enemy and not sleep with the enemy or engage in sexual relations with the enemy, or terrorists, terrorist financing, financing national security threats, or any and all uncivilized behaviour;

No infatuation with taking selfies or socks, or public statements about replacing "a relic of the past" or "diversity is strength" which is a code word for white genocide;

and certainly having the ability to not appoint imbeciles, idiots, retards, traitors, enemy combatants, enemies foreign and domestic, or engage in acts of aggression and wars of aggression including, liberalism, liberal fascists, homo-fascists, globalisms, those engaged in protocols, agendas or other social engineering experiments, or sexual immorality….or crime, assassinations, or assasination attempts of public figures or family or firends or competeing industry, enterprise and political figures, or demanding the sealing of public records to prevent proper justice, general and specific treason, high treason, including having an MP or several collaborateurs engaged in globalism and genocide and the end of nation state sovereignty, certainly someone puppet proof, and not a race traitor, selling out the country or doing dumb ass deals with the enemy, and the refusal to acknowledge the enemy, or that the enemy is at war with us, and certainly not pissing off other countries, especially at the risk of our destruction because of idiot comments and actions….

additionally, the ability to do math, knowing how to count and balance a budge is essential, and proper parlimentary procedures and not dictating from the cottage or favourite mind control centre of operations will also be essential, like essential services…certainly no clones, doubles, masks, androids, mind control agents or those with questionable, unknown or suspect pedigree;

certainly, having someone that is not mind wiped by mainstream fakestream news, or retorts to people as fake news, conspiracy theorists, white nationalists, and having someone that recognizes basic threats of people, technology and policy, in an and all types of pollution, in food, air, water, land, media, and someone that knows and understands that vaccines and microwave technology are bio-weapons…basically someone who is not an idiot and a traitor who can do math, knows geography and can be polite and civilized with people, and has more character than looks and is respected and respectable, while having a sense of humor, being down to earth and able to relate the the citizen is essential….
being a straight white person, a nationalist, with family values and real family is ideal, someone with heart and soul that can write and speak his own words from the heart and soul and not need a speech writer or teleprompter which is really annoying and a sign of being a puppet that does not know anything…

Also a really good PM would not have a bunch of idiot insolent MPs in question period that do not answer questions and are totally uncivilized and without character requisite the job that goes with the need for civilized discourse and communications, debate and the ability yo go forward, also co-operative association and team work skills are necessary if you are going to make progress, and lead by getting out of the way and not interfering with everyone doing their job, and knowing that there is a lot of extremely capable and dedicated people in Canada that need a high vision and ideal to work for and believe in.

Also a good PM would not put up with the CBC, anti nation state agendas, or idiots running the CPP. Also, in case you didn't notice, Made in Canada, a revitalized rail, automotive, aviation, aerospace, marine, farming, construction, forestry, mining and energy industries are just some of the things that need to be worked on, along with debt free money and not treasury bond debt money creation and endless compound interest that essentially is stupidity, treason and economic genocide to say the least….

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