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The Real PM
If you like to speculate on the location or truth about the prime minister:

The PM has gone to the Castro family compound in Cuba;
The PM is not in Canada;
The PM is in Canada;
The PM was involved in an attempted Trump assasination plot with other world leaders and since then has been acting like a total imbecile;

The PM has been indicted for treason and high treason and biological terrorism;
The PM is being pursued by CSIS who finally figured they should do their job; see;
The PM has been told by the new King of England ( JGH to….well it's classified ;
The PM is under foreign control and influence;
The PM realized the illegal 1982 Constitution and the illegal Multicultural Act will catch up to him;

The PM is actually an actor who replaced the original PM;
The PM is an android/cyborg; who may have been recalled because of defects, or other PsyOps;
The PM never answers questions because he is an idiot cyborg and AI is bullshit;
The PM is a CIA mind control agent, a victim of trauma and isolation based mind control;
The PM has gone to Epstein Island ;
The PM is with a US president ;
The PM has been executed; by his security, in Guantanamo (or being detained), by his handlers ;
The PM has gone to strategize with national security threat Will Kymlicka to destroy real Canadians; see: ;
The PM has gone to Bahamas to see Aga Khan ;
The PM has gone to see the fake President Biden on how to destroy truckers and totally ruin north american logistics ;
The PM is getting reprogrammed by ….classified and you can probably guess…or imagine…if you had too ;
The PM has left the country because of felonies, crime, indictments, see:, ;
The PM is having a midlife crisis ;
The PM is having an affair with Christia Freeland (aka the other traitor involved in treason, high treason, bio-terrorism) aka Young Global Leaders (Traitors)
The PM has been eliminated or detained by special forces ;
The PM finally realized that if he was vaccinated 3 times he should not have covid, but says he does, but since everything is a lie, it does not matter anyway, and not having a conscience does not register (Cyborgs, Androids, Sociopaths generally don't have a conscience) ;
The PM is totally incapable of dealing with straight white people, after all, he wants to replace the "relic of the past" ;
The PM is a total chickin shit of a "small fringe minority" which does not make sense since to label that as an emergency ;
The PM was asked "Who is your Daddy?" and he had a total meltdown, his shoes and socks were removed ;
The PM was "yanked off balance" by a well known individual familiar with mind control post hypnotic suggestions and actions (and then did a little dance) ;
The PM had over 5 million death threats too many and has experienced self esteem issues ;
The PM has divided loyalties and obedience to various governments masquerading as religions ;
The PM was eliminated by the vaccine fascists once they discovered he was not really vaccinated ;
The PM admitted that vaccines are a bio-weapon and then had a nervous breakdown and panic attack ;
The PM discovered that insurance companies ruled that those who die from vaccinations are deemed a suicide ;
The PM admitted the 5G is a military bio-weapon system deployed to kill real Canadians aka whitey ;
The PM was informed that he was being targeting with the illegal 5G microwave space based bio-weapon satelite system and had to get out of town and keep moving, since the people who make microwave proof stealth gear do not sell to traitors and only nationalists he was doomed to electronic and electromagnetic pulsed microwave signals ;
The PM panicked when he discovered National Defence knows all about the problematic Hindu Ministers of Defence ;
The PM is not the real PM, and his name is not his real name, and now suffers from an identity crisis, genocide maniac and traitor or what, to be or not to be…incorrigible ;
The PM encountered an individual with the keys to midnight and has never been the same since ;
The PM Indonesion expedition, individuals, entities and extra-curricular activities finally caught up to him (aka the whiteface incident) ;

The PM disappeared because the goblin cabal is starting another war ;

The PM went to the bunker, but does not know that weather and earthquake control devices may destroy the bunker (or that someone knows the location of all the bunkers and which bunker he is in) ;

The PM reviewed classified military intel on and and realised it was game over and it was just a matter of time…when everyone in the game must play the hand they are dealt and that cosmic wild cards go way beyond anything anyone can imagine…

the PM comitted suicide, first by treason, second by vaccination and third by abdicating the office of PM and fourth by an illegal unregisterted firearm….hence the term overkill ;

and finally, the PM was locked up in a room, not a rubber room, but a round room made totally with plastic water bottles….drink all the water you want, just piss in the corner…please see corresponding water bottle video ;

The PM in incapable of conversations and negotiations with racists, nationalists, supremacist (only white people are racist…mostly because we are privileged from being a super achieving whitey) & the PM handler is also engaged in treason, high treason, terrorism, bio-terrorism, globalist protocol agendas that are totally anti nation state sovereignty, an idiot incapable of an honest discussion, except for censoring, lies, misrepresentation, misinformation, crime, treason, genocide, war, immorality, you know, the classic religion of liberalsm and globalism ;

Note: the separation of church or religion and state would normally only apply to those with true values, faith, family, freedom, free enterprise, character building, righteousness, peace order and good government, and the same rules would never apply to liberals or democrats, aka demonrats, engaged in everything anti nation state, anti true values, and not the fake Canadian values super imposed on society,but the super-imposed cultural marxist communist crap etc et al…

Let "MC" represent the variable…yes back to math and multi-dimensional physics…and exo-politics…

This was written for all Canadians who need to know…
speculation entertainment is almost like an editorial opinion which can be total bullshit, unlike the real fact that there is more to reality than what meets the eyes…

Something remarkable was predicted in a Simpsons episode…

cheers, hopefully this was entertaining, and may in no way imply reality, and does not constitute or represent one or more conspiracy theories, that would never happen, since we believe in transparency, even ghosts, phantoms, doppelgangers, time travellers, actors, CGI characters have rights to privacy (we are so inclusive it's mind boggling) and illusions are great while the magician works the magic, having the hand faster than the eye, since the real action is in the background, some of it in dazzling or camouflage pixelated particle waves while others totally miss evidence, the goddess of revelation, whose secret desire is to encrypt the truth in your brain so that your super conscious mind may render that to you in multi-dimensional holographic reality, when you are ready for it…

Pasted Graphic

Now is that hate speech? Want to imprison white people that actually say the government is involved in replacement migration, or any othe illegal hate speech claim, when the PM says that as a fact, foreign invasion, illegal immigration, student visa and temporary worker and combat and criminal elements of dysfunctional societies, invaders, criminals and foreign people trying to take over everything in politics and government. Sounds like a death threat, right ? Not DEI, actual DIE…

Yes good policies, from the PPC, however, 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is not politically correct
(they dont like white people, especially staight white people, they are excluded, dismissed, disqualified and not included);
(Equity is impossible, people have different abilities, and super imposing equal outcomes is impossible as it infringes on freedom and does not recognize people are in fact different for many reasons), anti racists are racist, so is the PM breaking the law, the charter of rights and freedoms and the constitution, again.

You can type it as DIE as in DIE whitey or Demographic Imposed Extinction, or Demon Invented Ethnocide

Demonic Insolent Extremist or Degenerate Imbecile Eradication or
Demonstrate Incorrigible Ethnic (cleansing) (ethnocide) (extermination)
or Destroy Integrity & Ethnocentric White Civilization

How to do that the best? Obscene Immigration Invasion Migration Asylum Policies
Electoral Fraud, Voting Machines and software tampering, breaking any and all the rules for Candidates in Electoral District Association, anti nation state endless propaganda social engineering public opinion manipulation by mass media by enemies foreign and domestic, stack the government with foreigners, ruin the CAF, ruin National Security, rogue Privy Council, redact everything important and do nothing about it, vaccine bio-weapon genocide, 5G genocide, Drug Genocide, the war against the family including sexual, financial and cultural genocide, allegiance to a foreign criminal agency (God won't protect you, but they will)….yes tell us how your protect "democracy" and "democratic institutions" eh?

Can you identify the enemy and the war and genocide against white people?

Does the CAF or CSIS identify the enemy at war and genocide against white people?

Do people realize political parties make rules to disqualify anyone with family values or nationalist ideas, especially from white people with morals, pro life and imposes candidate criteria that is actually anti nation state anti family, anti industry, anti culture, anti white, anti traditional?

National Security Threats

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