Office of the Future Minister of National Defence of Canada

In addition to all the credentials and qualifications of the Future Governor General of the True King;

- accepting memorandums of interest and nominations for referrals, request for proposal;
- righteous character, wisdom, awareness and track record;
- Peace, Order and Good Government;
- Magna Carta and moral courage integrity check;
- Zero allegiance to a foreign criminal agency;
- nation state sovereignty & sovereign money debt free interest free money";
- common law, natural law, real justice;
- civilised advanced civilisation, nationalist, intelligent patriotiism
- a real canadian founding people heritage, nation building;
- bi-lingual is an asset but not required;
- an industrious work ethic is an asset;
- Knights of the Round Table is an asset;
- background and appreciation of history, geography, construction;
- background in national defence, industry, economics, geo-politics;
- background in Trivium : grammar, logic & rhetoric;
- background in faith, family, freedom, free enterprise;

- Zero allegiance, involvement or relationships with:
"enemies foreign and domestic', "enemy combatants", "Collaborateurs"
"Wars of Aggression" and "Acts of Aggression"
"Crime, Genocide, Treason, War, Immorality"
"Anti-nation state sovereignty", "anti-white" "anti-founding people"
"Supra-national entities, agendas, operations, agreements or otherwise"
"mass media and big tech" including "ownership, voting, control, editing and censoring" power, influence, direct or indirect;
"Governments masquerading as a religion"

"foreign criminal agency", entity, person, enterprise, organization or otherwise;
"Debt based currency systems" "compound interest" "foreign owned debt and interest payments"
"cultural marxism" "communism" "liberalism" "liberal fascists" homo-fascists" "paedofilia and proxy paedofilia" etc.

"extortion" "terrorism, terrorists" "vaccine fascists" "pharma-fascists" "medical-fascists"
"genocide maniacs" "microwave technology bio-weapons" "vaccine bio-weapons"
"chemical warfare and chemical bio-weapons" "endocrine disruptors" "drug genocide"
"anti-white" "white replacement" "demographich warfare"
"real national security threat" "anti-fire-arms",
"Spy and crime" "un-civilized behaviour"

Naturally, we are looking for that in all people in government …

if you are interested in real Canadian destiny and real nation building …

if you are aware of geo-political elements and the real war …

if you desire to Stand on Guard for Canada …

if you desire to build stronger international relationships …

if you desire to build stronger Canadian Identity …

if you desire to exercise patriotic duty, intelligent nationalism and moral courage …

if you express the best of who you are to make a difference …

Going forward;

Pedigree, character building, mission tasking proficiency, increased trust, loyalty, moral courage and outstanding ethics are essential, billingual French and English;

A proven capability to be resistent and virtually indestructable from corruption, collusion, collaborateurs and corrosion proof from:

crime, treason, genocide, war, immorality and debt based money systems, selling out the country, including military technology and secrets or actions that contribute to real national security threats, or risks to nation state sovereignty;

Step by step on the battlefield, keep going forward with;

Wisdom and vision is essential to avoid reckless mismanagement, endangering life, freedom, health, prosperity, nation state sovereignty. To exclaim, "They knew what they signed up to." is not a license to have good men slaughtered on the battlefield, in the air, in or on the oceans or anywhere, due to zero conscience and non respect for life, it is not a license to experiment on personnel with toxic drugs, vaccine bio-weapons, or the mRNA gene modification technology, lipid ano-particles, hydrogel, synthetic snake venom, neuro-weapons, graphene nano-particles, super imposed smart device, RFI, EMF, and microwave technology bio-weapons, trauma based or any other form of mind control, or other social engineering experiments, super-imposing sexual deviants, sexual immorality and sexually degenerate people, cultural marxism etc et al and tools of genocide.

It is not a license to do business with the enemy, collaborate, collude and commit treason with the enemy, or to allow the enemy to have a foothold in our territory, or other walking talking bio-weapons infected with disease, toxic vaccine bio-weapons. For instance, flying so called "Canadians" who are not real Canadians back to CFB Kingston, to contaminate the troops, is not wise. You like it there, you can stay there.

Likewise, the military games was a trap to contaminate and infect military everywhere. In an aircraft with enclosed space, only to contaminate others is not wise. It is a pre-emptive strike with bio-weapons to weaken and eradicate the enemy military and civilian population. How is that for being "all fun and games". Why else would a government vacate a city of the resident population except to crank up the 5G microwave bio-weapons technology, disperse nanotech, aerosols and contaminate the food, air and water with bio-weapons….yes, hospitality, as in you are going to the hospital or 6 feet under, have a nice day.

Additionally, having enemy foreign troops in Canada to do winter training and techniques in cold weather environments is also not wise, and is considered as something only an imbecile would do, someone totally unfit and disqualified from any type of
command. This is also related to having "foreign investment and trade agreements with the enemy and allowing enemy military to protect their assets in Canada. Yes, like enemy military infrastructure, hardware and even the famous 5G microwave cell phone bio-weapons technology such as huwai.

In the case of a total idiot as a Minister of Defence, accepting the status quo of mass media, big tech and the vast majority of "news" television, newspaper and radio that is owned, controlled, voted, edited and censored by the enemy, and enemy combatants, engaged in deception, lies, disinformation, and accepting money from a government engaged in genocide against the citizens and all life, who censor 5G and micorowave bio-weapons technology as a "conspiracy theory" and continue to engage in crime, treason, genocide, war and immorality and actually promote disease, death and the end of nation state sovereignty by concession, colluding, compromise, corruption, corrosion and destruction of values and actually impair and put at risk, to known real national security risks and threats, the lives of Defence and law enforcement personnel and citizens.

The total breach of trust, treason and genocide and violation of the basic principals of "Stand on guard for Canada" and the "Defence Mission" and "Defence Doctrine" is totally unacceptable, a total disgrace and invalidates command power, dignity and legitimacy.

Info wars and other related psychological operatons, fear and trauma based mind control, super imposed global control matrix with enemy communication and mass media technology companies, supra-national entities, organizations and agendas, are very real, active and dynamic, they are considered and are a real national security threat.

Any command and leadership position requires combat capabilites and the recognition of the enemy regardless of type, frequency, duration, visible and invisible. This also includes spiritual warfare, psycological warfare and a tremendous heart and soul dedication to character building, character excellence, competence, professionalism, expertise and capabilities, with moral and physical courage, faith and trust. This applies to all personnel even as knights polish their sword and armour, hone their skill and expertise, grow in and exercise wisdom and
discretion, real nobility, honour and duty, and go beyond duty, to administer justice, protection and the destruction of the enemy. This requires self discipline, self control and self management, it is heart and soul design elements, along with general and specialized expertise, combat competence and successfu mission tasking in every endeavour.

Integrity is essential in all aspects of performance. We can look at jurisdiction, and multiple points of reference, perspective, perception and depth of understanding. This applies to know about; illegal laws, illegal constitution, national security threats, cultural marxism etc et al, lobby groups, trauma based mind control, foreign allegiance, destruction of true values, the ability to identify the enemy and not sleep with the enemy or engage in sexual or business relations with the enemy, or terrorists, terrorist financing, financing national security threats, or any and all uncivilized behaviour, are some factors for consideration, which can be expanded and elaborated on in great detail.

Integrity in any relationship is essential, as right now, there is considerable efforts underway to destory to the "General" command structure, due to so-called inappropriate relationships and sexual behaviour with sub-ordinates and superiors.

Look at the mass media psyop now, being engaged with "The war against the Generals" of which there is considerable differences in opinion, reality, facts and evidence or not, and notwithstanding that, the attacks and destruction of morale, division and neutralizing command authority and respect in addition to other covert and not so covert rogue and treasonous government agendas to super impose cultural marxism, globalism, one world government, anti nation state sovereignty or anything else that is not "white nationalist" "patriotic" and corresponding bullshit of "diversity is strength" which is a code word for white genocide, and is typically represented by "enemies foreign and domestic" "enemy combatants", "acts of aggression", "wars of aggression" various psychological operations, multiple, sequential, simultaneous, conventional, advanced generational and asymmetric war vector scenarios, the modus operandi…

We can take that a step further in the trenches, that there are traitors in government, people with a fraudulent oath, and also allegiance to our "enemies" etc etc including foreign governments masquerading as a religion, foreign criminal agencies, agendas and operations are also problematic.

Our enemies would like to eliminate the real patriots, white nationalists, real Candians, the founding people, the people that can think and have values, people that can analyze complex scenarios and operate from the core of their being.

Our enemies would like to replace good people with riff raff, foreigners with no true values, or race traitors, infiltrators, those engaged in subversion, insurrection and the treason deathstyle. Our enemies have no love and loyalty for Canada, except to destroy it and take it, to plunder it, people whose operating system is crime, treason, genocide, immorality, selling out the country, super imposed globalism, anti white, anti nation state…if you look for it, most assuredly you will find it.

As a Minister, General, any and all Defence Personnel, it is essential to have that integrity, total situational awarenss, and know that even as neurons in the brain communicate and understand each other, people also likewise do the same, expand understanding and perspective, capabilities and battlespace environment awareness.

The Modus Operandi of rogue agents can easily be noticed by importing walking talking bio-weapons into Defence infrastructure and resource environments, microwave technology deployment, vaccine bio-weapon deployment, toxic anti-viral drugs, psychological conditioning, repetition, isolation, fear and trauma based mind controle, including hypnosis, neuro linguistic programming, conform to the official narrative, subliminal and symbol access and subconsicious influence and programming, toxic cigarettes (there are only about 4,000 chemical sprayed on cigarettes) neuro toxic vaping and e-cigarettes.

Citizens, as well as Defence Pesonnel, do not ever need to be subject to medical, pharma and vaccine fascist homocidal genocidal sociopathic, psycopathic agendas and actions, such a forced vaccination, which is terrorism, whichi is essentiall the use of force or the threat of the use of force.

Additionally, forced testing, which also may contain nano technology, chemical warfare agents of any type or effect, related bio-weapons and may in fact and have been proven to deliver vaccines and other related bio-weapons to the unsuspecting and often gullible person, who is unaware at the diabolical agendas at work, even more so with the considerable degree of censorship, accusations of "conspiracy theory" and the anti vaxxer national security threat theory" psyop mind control operation….

Additional requirements, characteristics, credentials, ability and history;
The Future Minister of Defence of Canada;

Proficiency in general, conventional, advanced, multi-generational and asymetrical peace and war vector scenarios, extreme diplomatic and ambassodor credentials, operate from the core, heart and soul, complex logistical operations, strategic, tactical and operational abilities, visionnaire, high stress environments, competent in time distortion, space time astral domains, defence technology expertise, enterprise management, government and financial management, personnel management, self management, combat capable, development of established command and trust, trust capability and increased trustworthyness, respect, morale, co-operation and loyalty of personnel, self sacrifice, loyalty, power, dignity, stability, mobility, agility, nobility, identify the enemy, spot the trend, let "x" represent the variable, personnel character appraisal, development of personnel, defence technology procurement, successful mission tasking, moral courage, physical courage, tactics in spiritual warfare, character building and competence of those under command, recognition of national security threats, above and beyond politics, political parties, known and unknown agendas, geo-political and exo-political events, scenarios, ability to make complex decisions, operate in challenging and dangerous environments, decision and command capability with limited intel, information, and a magnitude of intel, multiple theatres of operations, knowing the state of defence capability, personnel, defence industry resource base, competence in command, control, computers, cryptography, communications and character, weapons and combat competence, zero doubt, optimistic, confident, faith….and yes, the future Minister of National Defence has the capability to read between the lines, and handle run on sentences with total ease, and not need to run a decryption program for hidden codes but get the point and already know what to do…

From the Knights of the Round Table Church of God;

It would be more ideal to avoid war, death and destruction, genocide, debt, sickness, disease, crime and treason, immorality and slavery, and right now, there is a True King, the King of Righteousness, the King of Peace…

Naturally, we are admonished, "Seek you first the Kingdom of God, and all these things will be added unto thee."

"I set before you life and death, blessing and cursing, therefore choose life, for why should you die?"

"The Lord is not willing that any should perish…"

Imagine, an alternate reality, the Kingdom of God on earth, ascension, spiritual development, the commandments, imagine building a civilized advanced civilization, imagine something more, to express the best of who you are, imagine being filled with the spirit of God, the spirit of power, love and a sound mind, imagine what that would be like, imagine more, that maybe your idea about God, the future, the Messiah, salvation, the end times, is somewhat different, what if the reality is a whole lot more awesome, beyond your present imagination and understanding. What will you do? Will you accept personal responsibility, repent, grow, excel, build character, have a devoted relationship to God, apply yourself to be Godly. What would that be like, heaven or hell, what will you choose moment by moment, where time stands still, where the magnitude of space time is beyond comprehension, and everyone is looking at you, you the individual, time to excel beyond the mortal limit…

"Walk before me and be perfect…" I wish is was that simple, poof, you are there, the ascended soul, going forward to a whole new life, the nightmare and terror is over, the test is done, you will have proven yourself time and time again, determined, zealous, resolution of heart and soul, what could be more important?

Dux Bellorum - on a whole new level of multi-dimensional space…

Do not ask me how I write, I simply write, it is from the heart and soul, and something more…

"How do you know whether or not, you were called for such a time as this?"

"It is time for all good citizens to come to the aid of their country."

Stand on guard for Canada - Oh Canada, we stand on guard for thee…

This is on a need to know basis, and you need to know.

You found out here, synchronicity, destiny and design,

Integrity in national defence and nation state sovereignty also may compliment or with family values, the right of self defence and firearms, personal health sovereignty; and additionally, general peace, optimism and personal security.

The real Minister of National Defence, Commander in Chief, General or Super General, Commander, Captain, combat psychic super soldier, forward observer, Special Operations, Knight, Esquire, Citizen Protector, Angel, Arch Angel, Messenger, Governor General, Prime Minister, the true King, brother, trusted friend, ally, country man, leader, visionnaire, Executive Officer….servant of the most high God, nationalist, patriot, defender of the faith, defender of nation state soverignty, defender of National Defence and defence Pesonnel, Citizen Protector…

You decide, exercise your discernment here and now, everyday and anywhere…
heart and soul…you can do it…from the core of your being…

Dux Bellorum

Contact Battlegroup 301

There is nothing like heart and soul, or fulfilling one's personal destiny, or helping others express the best of who they are and fulfilling their personal destiny, or even being in a soul group, each individual recognizing that we are here to do and achieve certain specific things, and out lives will not be complete without that successful mission that we are entrusted with:

Update: comments to October 14, 2023


Tragic beyond measure, treason and genocide of incredible magnitude.

It is not a vaccine, it is a bio-weapon, test swabs are also a bio-weapon, so are the masks.

Rogue Government and Military Officials, who are enemies foreign and domestic, enemy combatants and collaborateurs, including the two previous racist India Hindu Ministers of Defence, are engaged in terrorism, bio-terrorism, acts of aggression, acts of war, treason and high treason, genocide and specific genocide, in this case against the CAF Canadian Armed Forces, being forced to take a bio-weapon, death by lethal injection, as participating in an illegal war, proxy war, asymmetrical war vector scenarios super-imposed by state and non state actions, such as WEF, UN etc et al, known terrorist and genocide based organizations engaged in anti nation state activities and supra-national actions, including the corruption of government personnel at all levels, in the modus operandi of crime, treason, genocide, war, sickness, debt, slavery, control and death, in addition to total perversion and the war against the family, faith and freedom, contrary to the Defence Mission. Class action litigation does not rectify it, the wages of sin is death, and the penalty of treason is death.


Time for an ultra-nationalist visionary Minister of National Defence?

Or do you prefer crime, treason, genocide, cultural marxist, communist, post modernism, ZOG, wimps, imbeciles and idiots, race traitors, immoral and unethical and those with zero moral courage and no basic idea on how to identify the enemy, or how to recognize a bio-weapon?

On a totally unrelated topic of national, industry, enterprise and cyber security…

Oh look, the decryption unlock code has a trigger, hmmm…

It's not funny when people you know die in the chair after being vaxxed to death.
There are no acceptable losses, people are not expendable. A good General will not lose any personnel and succeed at Mission Tasking!

As for the chain of command, and the abuse of power in total breach of the Defence Mission, perhaps real military justice is required, so eventually, it will be recognized who the real Minister of Defence is, and what a good General does for those entrusted under his command, in any and all Mission Tasking, rights and responsibilities.

I command the Air Force,
I command the Army,
I command the Navy,
I command the Space Force,
I command the military industrial enterprise continuum,
I command because I serve with character, leadership, morals and ethics, with exercising power on earth as it is in heaven, to whom much is given, much is required.

In case you didn't know:
The armed forces does not exist to submit to or to enforce proxy war, or rogue organizations, especially by the actual reality of control and influence of deep state actors, who are enemies foreign and domestic, enemy combattants, collaborateurs, race traitors, sellouts, and those engaged in treason, high treason, genocide, terrorism, bio-terrorism, super imposed cultural genocide, or the compliance with foreign agendas, or other "agreements" including doing nothing against real national security threats, including immigration, migration, invasion, any and all forms of bio-weapons, subversion, treachery, corruption, sabotage, or to engage in military criminal negligence concerning the ability to recognize the enemy and do something about it;

The armed forces does not exist to ignore, neglect or refuse to emphasize the Defence Mission, which is paramount, including protection from rogue government officials, who may be corrupt, incompetent and actual national security threats, playing politics while the country is destroyed;

The armed forces does not exist to conduct interference in the sovereignty of nation states, including the use of debt free currency and nationalistic priorities regarding any and all aspects of the life of the nation, including industry, enterprise, family and individual health, vitality and health sovereignty, morals, character and ethics with true values,

The armed forces does not exist to, as often times, as a
corporate imperialist criminal action plan, or super imposed supranational government or overcontrol, or anti nation state sovereignty, or the globalist quest to plunder, pollute, destroy, endebt, enslave including any and all forms of crime, treason, genocide, perversion, corruption, oppression and tyranny, against individuals, including the war against the family and national, industry, enterprise, civil defence and personal security.

The Canadian Armed Forces does not need to take orders from General ZOG and neither should the Minister of National Defence, or any governing official, nor be subject to genocide otherwise known as the so called "vaccine" which is a bio-weapon, subject to use as an act of terrorism, bio-terrorism and genocide, including the destruction of the Armed Forces, and shall in fact be duty bound to the Defence Mission, notwithstanding the super imposed corrupt culture engaged in total genocide not only cultural genocide and destruction of health sovereignty in addition to nation state sovereignty, and

correspondingly, furthermore not ber subject to a racist Minister of National Defence engaged in genocide, treason, high treason, terrorism and bio-terrorism against the Canadian Armed Forces, since we know what you are doing willfully, as a act of war, acts of agression, being an enemy foreign and domestic, an enemy combattant, an enemy collaborateur, working for a foreign enemy state who is engaged in war and genocide against Canada, real Canadians and nation state sovereignty;

Know what is personal:

It takes heart and soul, vision and purpose, character and competence.
Those under my command, entrust their life to me, I am fiercely loyal to the individual and the group, there is no greater honour or duty, no greater act of valour, then to lay downs one's life for those of his friends, and those engaged in combat.

Understanding that life requires integrity in spiritual battles and battlespace,
Integrity and conscience, purpose and resolution to walk with God,
with the courage to go forward in faith, knowing trust and loyalty,
having respect and understanding, value life with intensity and energy,
dedication and focus, ideals and tenacity, for inteliigent patriotism,
not reckless and careless, more careful and diligent, discipline and determined,
to express the best of who you are…

Faith is a super-power, so is a battlegroup of ONE, a unified powerful and focused fighting force…notwithstanding the genocide, treason and war against the Canadian Armed Forces and citizens.

It is time for all good citizens to come to the aid of their country…

Avro Arrow, the CF-105 Arrow, and a whole lot more of awesome aircraft like, submarines, strategic, tactical and operational excellence and competence, vehicles and weapons, real Canadian Defence technology, a civil defence network, the right to have and bear arms and self defence, are all a good start.

Neutralize national security threats, bio-weapons, 5G etc, media owned, companies that controlled, voted and edited by enemies foreign and domestic, engaged in anti nation state activities, the education system engaged in genocide, stupidity, mind control, subversion, post modernism, race treason, sexual perversion and genocide. The list goes on in great detail…

Stop the damage, undo the damage, go forward…

All of this, and will people do nothing, but lay down and die,
all of the crime, treason and genocide, and will there be no penalty or justice,
all this visionary enterprise, and will there be nobody to work and build,
surrounded by enemies, and will anyone identify the enemy and do something,
Will anyone acknowledge the great and awesome God, and go forward in faith,
to build character, live with purpose, pray, study, fast and meditate,
to go forward in faith in everyday life and the battlefield,
engage in spiritual and physical battle, to wage war on an epic scale,
will anyone express the possible magnitude of destiny, a super-conqueror,
Will anyone really "Stand on guard for thee"
Who and how many will be civilized and dedicated to build character,
to value the life, character and personality of others, to find common ground and purpose, to have that thrill in a life lived with excitement and enthusiasm,
to live and build with heart and soul, to defend as in do or die,
Who will sign their name, and jump in with both feet, who will hold the spear of destiny that every gladiator and soldier must make and deploy, who will have the whole armour of God, are contribute to the continuum that makes possible the defence of that country and everyday citizens in this great land. Who will defend those who cannot defend themselves in spiritual or physical battle, in mental, financial or even psycological battles of everyday life. Who can do that? Tell me if you know…

How do you know, whether or not, you were called for such a time as this?

Dux Belorum


what does a visionary real Minister of Defence do, how can we recognize that, what pro-active things can we do knowing what is going on and the reality of the situation? How can we have better generals or ensure nationalists are not the enemy and that the real enemy is identified and neutralized, how can we eliminate the crime, treason and genocide going on now?

We can look at society and recognize breaking the law, the commandments, or failing at duty, integrity, honour and valour are problems, even as we are confronted with spiritual warfare on a personal, national and global level, it is paramount to go forward in faith, everyday sacrements, zealous for God and the superior moral code, to make no apologies for that, with the whole armour of God. We can recognize the failure of individuals and leadership or chain of command in government, military, church, enterprise or family, and not lose heart, but work to rectify that, knowing that our conscience and soul, our very life and eternal life, hang in the balance, as we are admonished, choose life, so you and your descendants may live, for why should you die...

Evidently, urgency to get the message out is the main thing…

National Defence Challenges