Citizen Protector M1A - Leading Edge Civil Defence
Genocide -Treason - War Against :

industries and enterprise;
Made in Canada & secure supply line;
Military industries, Canadian Defence Technology, Procurement;
Peace, Order and Good Government;
Sovereign Central banking and debt free currency;
Nation State Sovereignty;
Private & Nationalist Mass Media - freedom of speech;
Firerms, self defence, civil defence;
the Entrepreneur & Private Enterprise;
The Truth, Real History (propaganda, historical revisionism)
Carbon, carbon based life forms (bogus science & deception)

The Individual:
self sufficiency & financial independence;
individual creative imagination;
credit agility (credit bureaus & enterprise);
personal and financial privacy;
solid quality good paying family rated jobs;
character building, morals, true values, integrity;
purposeful, pro-acitve, authentic life of achievment & quality;
Your own : Editorial Opinion";
Relevant options and Freedom of choice, empowering decisions;
Pro-active, Problem solving & creating something new;

The Family
the Family and the straight white male & female, traditional family;
Family : Money, Politics, Religion, Morals, Values, Sex;
family values, unified family, family traditions, intergenerational & family wealth
Mass media, the "education system" & the government versus the family;

spiritual development, civilized ethics, advanced civilization;
moral code, civil code, business code, ideal and altruistic;
religion & knowing God;
real art, music, culture of advanced civilization

Health, Vitality & Independence:
Poisoned Air, Water, Food, Products, toxic chemicals;
Reproductivity, endocrine systems, genetic integrity;
Mental Faculties, logic, higher reason, critical analysis, thinking;
microwave technology, EMF & RF, smart meters, wifi, spy & crime;
eyes, (blue light, infrared, computer creen flicker, subliminal);
ear and hearing : (chopped digital sound, acoustic manipulation, subliminal);
optimism & cheerfulness (technocratic overcontrol, mass media bombardment);
central nervous system, holistic & integrated health;
Everyday vitality & image (teeth, hair, skin, energy, nutrition)
Problems with vaccines, drugs, testing, mRNA & related bio-weapons;
chemical agriculture (destruction of soil, crop, animal & human vitality);
Personal health sovereignty;

Technology Independence:
computer loyality;
too much electronics and computer overcontrol;
automotive industry crimes, design & performance & fixability;
super imposed junk, plastic, electronic,poor design & quality;

Real Education - nationalist, family, true values
(Cultural Marxistm, Liberalism etc)

True Justice & Law
(illegal constitutions, illegal Acts, illegal regulations, illegal enforcement)

Oil Industry - Fossil Fuels;
The Family Farm, food supply, bio-dynamic;
Automotive, Marine, Aerospace, Machinery, Railroad;
Skilled Trades, integrated trades & technology, secure supply

Nationalist - Patriot - Citizen
Personal and Nation State Sovereignty
Freedom - Autonomy - Independence - Health
Power - Dignity - Stability - Mobility - Agility

In accordance with Peace, Order and Good Government;

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