Financial Notes -
practical and proven economic nationalism

The age of reason and people capable of advanced reasoning have been censored. How about logic, critical analysis, thoughtful patriotism, economic industrial, national, civil, family and individual spiritual self defence and morality, character and true values?

What happened with traditional time tested proven principals, loyalty, co-operation, a sense of community, identity, history and heritage, and the old fashioned industrious work ethic? Why the open war and genocide against those with respect for life, freedom, independence and quality of life, freedom of speech, as in pro-Canadian founding people, optimistic nation building news, peace, order and good government? Eh?

Straight white nationalists are attacked and under a great deal of "systemic racism", as primarily these are assets, wealth, industrial and enterprise capabilities, resources, character and "credentials", family values, loyalty and integrity, private property, entrepreneurial risk taking and adventure, all types of defence capabilities, an operating system based on a superior reasoning power and moral code from God, real practical faith and moral courage for building a civilized advanced civilization and doing the right thing, something wise, pro-active and visionary.

The operating system and character that goes with it, is part of the equation of what generates and builds wealth, by creating new technology, products, services and combinations of wealth producing power, productivity, prosperity and abundance. The "success" operating system is dedicated to a more successful lifestyle for a better quality of life that is full of opportunity, creating opportunity, challenge and reward, with those ideals of possibility thinking, to invest and believe in yourself, believe and have confidence and trust, even real faith, going in that direction, dedicated with the pro-active decision, free will purpose, of what you are doing or plan to do as you envision the future now, with purposeful energy and enthusiasm, as you think about, imagine, feel that energy, experience and achievement, living your dream and transforming thought into reality.

The nationalist has the advantage with personal acceptance of responsibility, initiative, response ability, co-operative association, mutual endeavour, as those with intelligent patriotism, economic nationalism or at the least the idea of self sufficiency, we have great potential in Canada. This means the individual has to do it themselves, private investing and nation building, revitalizing industry, enterprise, community and family...which includes freedom of speech and the communications infrastructure in place.

The awesome news is that with Battlegroup 301 Incorporated, a comprehensive organization already exists for those interested in various programs, projects, technology, products and services, that is all about Made in Canada economic nationalism, solid character development in people, that can increase in competence and capabilities, expereince challenge and reward, in the most awesome and exciting events going on in Canada now and into the future.

Having a few good companies to invest in that you understand and agree with, maybe get a good paying solid quality family rated job or career with excellent enterprise commerce potential is a good start. We need the right vision and values in economic industrial enterprise, we need the right character and integrity in government and everyday people and to remember the peace, order and good government equation is essential. We even need national security rated people, the nationalist is essential for true and lasting success in economic nationalism.

In the case where the government sells out the country, or allows plundering by globalist, and is also engaged in treason and genocide against industry and enterprise, and is not working favourably or in the best interest of nation state sovereignty or self sufficiency, and is actually working against the founding people, (diversity is a code word for white genocide and the war against whitey) does not work and is totally opposite and contrary to the economic nationalist.

The economic nationalist requires a certain degrees of protectionism, and the individual and co-operative association of nationalists, with private investment, acquisition and buying groups for "Made in Canada" offering plenty of options to re-organize a more self sufficient secure supply line, jobs, careers and enterprise commerce, revitalized infrastructure and industry, defence technology and successful enterprise development and greater optimism.

Protectionism is required against the agressive hate of globalists and associated traitors against nationalists and associated patriots, the real Canadians who love their country. Currency war, industrial war, industrial enterprise spy & crime, foreign product dumping, sovereign funds and sovereign governments versus the entrepreneur and private enterprise is not exactly a fair or equal playing field is it now?

Likewise, mass media and public companies with unlimited promotion of securities to raise funds in public stock exchanges and financial instutions that are often against the extremely competitive and innovative private enterprise nationalist, is not exactly a fair and equal playing field, either.

Government and corporate sponsored crime, treason and genocide, in addition to other so called laws and regulations, may also make life difficult for private enterprise and those who are nationalists, as we have plenty of evidence against those, with massive censorship and discrimination against straight white people, "the white nationalists".

Lesson learned, it takes a nationalist in government to properly protect Canadian industry or enterprise. Political parties and personnel in government engaged in liberalism anti nation state sovereignty, are not reliable allies, although if an enterprise is engaged in globalism, and the corresponding government is also based in globalsim and liberalism, than typically many things are done, however not in the national security aspect of national, industrial, enterprise and civil defence that is required.

In the case of more nationalists in government, area or program, there is a greater chance to protect and promote industry, enterprise and entrepreneurs with considerable resources available to enable, augment and amplify success, along with greater qualified competence of personel. It is always excellent practice to be more self sufficient, independent and to organize yourself, and work with people with common interests, values, goals and mission, as part of the economic equation.

What does that national economic equation include? Independence, private property, individualism, creative imagination, debt free money, self sufficiency, family, faith, freedom or free enterprise, and certainly private trustee agreement, governing instruments, voting trust agreements, strategic jurisdictions, useful entities, capital structure and securities that are so fantastic and awesome they must come from another planet, or an intergalactic civilisation… for Intergalactic Securities & Mangement Corporation for more than only financial notes.

So that means we are on our own...patriots, nationalists, conservatives vs anti-nation state globalists, with the religion of liberalism that includes…crime, treason, genocide and war…may you live in interesting times. Get weaponised asap, like today…the arsenal of democracy, real Canadian nationalist news media, pro-Canada nation state sovereignty, pro-industry, stuff like that, right? Don't forget to neutralize the enemies communication infrastructure and microwave genocide death machine.

Keep it simple eh, hmmm, how about something so essential like a local buying group or investment group or people getting together to own, control, manage, vote and edit their own local news and amateur radio station, so good people can do something, anything would be better than nothing, going back to fractions and a good days pay for a good day work would be a good start, simple ethics…like Made in Canada Eh! Does that simplify your financial notes?

Our Mission is pro-active national, industry, enterprise and civil defence - that is the right and responsibility of each individual citizen, that includes the right to personal self defence.

You already know what to do, right?