Civil Defence Vision

Character, Combat Capable, Competence & Capacity is the essential Civil Defence Vision. Each aspect integrates, inter-relates, can be independent or inter-dependent, can work co-operatively, synergystically and providentially with the others, and can work to mutual benefit of learning, growth and capability of those involved.

Character requires physical and moral courage, to do the right thing, at the right tiime for the right reason. Everyday solid character based on true values and real Canadian values (not super imposed globalist liberalism cultural marxist zero values) is essential.

Combat Capable requires total fitness, physical conditional and fighting and self defence techniques and training, mental, emotional, psycological, spiritual and even includes financial health and physical health and nutrition. Knowing who the enemy is essential.

Competence requires actual doing the work, using tools, machinery, equipment and individual and team or unit skills. Although the "Battlegroup of One" is an ideal goal, for an individual and working together as a unified fighting force, it takes competence at every level and individual to complete successful mission tasking. Self-discipline, self-control and focus at taking pride in one's work is essential, to express the best of who you are.

Capacity requires the complete Defence Technology and Training Continuum, that offers opportunity for production capabilities, logistics, individual initiatives and group endeavours of various sizes and pro-active projects that may be organized at national, regional, local and small group levels such as the Battlegroup 301 Incorporated -
Civil Defence Network.

production infrastructure, general and advanced manufacturing
Guns & Ammo, Custom Weapons, logistics, secure supply chain,
research and development, co-development, weapons program & portfolio
training and reservist options, law enforcement, border and home defence

This also works with the Industry &
Enterprise Defence Network, the Executive Command Program;

Civil Defence Program

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