Civil Defence Network

Battlegroup 301 created the Civil Defence Network and is directed to national, industry, enterprise and civil defence, and includes the community, family and individuals. This is essential freedom, free enterprise, Canadian sovereignty and revitalized economics and industry and everything necessary to make and keep that a reality.

Civil Defence Network Charter - is what you need to know (B301_CDN-1.pdf) it is the fundamental vision and a solid foundation for active nation building and to preserve and promote freedom, success and quality of life for the individual, family, enterprise, community, industry and country.

This is a major endeavour, since we are at war now in so many ways, some are evident, some are by stealth, but they are not undetectable, as awareness, perspective, perception, understanding, wisdom, experience and intuition, reveal secrets...things you should know about...with the kind of capabilities and counter measures that you or anyone especially as member of Battlegroup 301 can deploy.

Deploy resources and personnel, including yourself, to secure territory, achieve victory, vanquish the enemy and fortify the position, acquire and deploy resources, make friends and allies and advance forward in the direction of your dreams, to acquire what you need, to experience the action and adventure of defending Canada and who and what we value and of course make a difference any and every way that you possibly can.

You can even learn an incredible magnitude of war vector scenarios and how you or any of us together can develop or acquire overwhelming strategic, operational and tactical advantage that is essential for victory.

We are recruiting now, enlist today! Join_Battlegroup-301

Border Defence Special Ops - Knights of the Round Table Church - rights, responsibilities & immunity