Battlegroup 301 Incorporated -
Civil Defence Technology Projects

Adverse Events Reporting System

In consideration of :
toxic elements : material and not material, physical and non physical aspects
toxic elements: vaccine, bio-weapons, gene modification technolo - mRNA
toxic elements : drugs, chemicals, nano technology, anti viral drugs
toxic elements : birth control, the pill & condoms, sexual genocide;
toxic frequencies : electromagnetic and radio frequency, microwave technology;
toxic frequencies : smart meters, cell phones, wifi, 3G, 4G, 5G & more;
microwave towers & transmitters, microwave streetllights, mocrowave ovens;
toxic frquencies : space based weapon systems, bio-weapons & electronic
toxic frequencies : directed energy weapons, phased array tecnology
toxic frequencies : sound, optical, video, television, computer screens,
toxic frequencies : lighting - fluorescent lighting, bulbs, LED;
toxic frequencies : personal electronic devices, cell phones, tablets etc.
toxic consumer products : regular and E-cigarettes, vape neuro-toxins;
toxic science: gmo, chemical agriculture & processes, food supply,
weaponized insects, weaponized plants, gmo mosquitoes, gmo tics;
toxic environment : physical, mental, emotional, psychological, spiritual :
material safety data sheet & intangible, non-material safety & hazard data sheet :
bio-hazards, products, propagation, process, processing :

with the perspective of :
genocide, war, treason, crime, immorality;
personal health and individual sovereignty;
peace and war vector scenarios;
threats and risks to health and life;
threats to faculties : thinking, reasoning, memory
endocrine - reproductive system

expose lies, fraud, information wars, propaganda;
pro-active options, counter-measures, remedies;
expose mass media;
expose infiltration, subversion, coup d'état, insurrection, treason;

In support of :
Peace, Order and Good Government - nation state sovereignty;
Informed & Educated Citizens - self preservation & survival;
Intelligence, Awareness, Understanding, Perspective, Perception;
re-vitalized health, energy, freedom, independence, power & dignity;

Additionally, perceptions, perspective and understanding :

AERS Environment

AERS Mass Media

AERS Election - the illusion of democracy

AERS Government : government sponsored genocide intel matrix

AERS Education System - en route

AERS Industry Enterprise - en route

AERS Money, Economic Financial System - en route

AERS Meta analysis : key word intel perspective matrix

AERS Contact & Reporting

Co-development media channel - test phase & launch