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"Collaborateurs" , "enemies foreign and domestic" , "enemy combatants" , "Wars of Agression" , "Acts of Agression" , "real national security threats" , "counterfeit national security threats", "personal security threats" , "Acts of Genocide, Treason, War, Immorality & Crime" "Debt based money creation" , "industrial warfare" , "economic warfare" , "currency warfare" , "multi-cult" , "multicultural warfare" , "demographic warfare" , "legal, illegal, un-ethical unwise immigration, visa, residence, student, work visa" , "race replacement" , "race genocide" , "race traitors" , "super imposed" , "anti-white" , "monochromic", "old white men", "anti-nationalist" , "anti-fire arms" , "anti anti-vaxxers" , "illegal hate speech laws" , "hate speech", "anti-nation-state sovereignty",
"search engines algorithms" "censor, de-platform, "demon"etize" "arbitary actions", "disqualify" "disinformation" "info war" "propaganda war" "super imposed genocide" "super imposed fake news, lies, deceptioin, facts of omission' , "conspiracy theory" "conspiracy fact", "royal fraud", "counterfeit government", "counterfeit law", "fake political parties", "fake leadership", "fake elections", "fake ballots", "fake candidates", "fake EDAs", "EDA fraud", "red herring", "caveot emptor" "buyer beware", "voter beware", "fake science", "science based", "trust", "fact checked", "fake consensus", "global warming hoax", "anthropogenic global warming", "collaborateur theory" "collaborateur evidence" "Protocols", "Kalergi Plan", "global control matrix", "the 1%" , 'the Elite", "etc et al" "usual suspects", "Agendas", "Agreements", "Collusion" "Faith" , "Family" , "Freedom", "Free Enterprise" "nation state sovereignty" "coup d'etat" "Proxy War", "infiltration" "subversion" , "insurrection", "mutiny" , "rogue elements" , "rogue actions" , "cultural marxism" , "Deep State" "Patriot", "Nationalist", "White Nationalist", "straight white nationalist", "national security assets", "Founding People", "Real Canadians" "Indigenous Canadiens", "Acadie", "Acadien", "Quebecois de souche", "Canadien Francais", "privileged", "white supremacist", "British North America Act of 1867", "la Nouvelle-France", "do or die", "join or die", "Freedom of speech", "Freedom of conscience", "Freedom of association", "The right to self defence", "self-determination", "self-actualization", "self-management", "self discipline", "self control", "personal response ability", "responsibility", "duty", "honour", "valour", "moral duty", "moral courage", "initiative", "endeavour", "impetus", "pro-active", "critical mass", "let "x" represent the variable", "let "you" represent the solution", "God", "Creator God", "Salvation", "Sanctify yourself", "personal development", "spiritual empowerment", "ascension", "multi-dimensional elements", "multi-dimensional physics", "multi-physics", "elements of surprise", "peace and war vector scenarios", "true values", "family values", "intelligent patriotism", "patriot", "pro-canada", "nationalist", "nationalism", "economic natonalsim",

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If you have problems, you are not the only one. Problems are temporary if you deal with then. Freedom of speech and association and the Magna Carta and the universe are essential to victory, stopping the damage, undo the damage and go forward…