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Adverse Events Reporting System

AERS Government

AERS Government : government intel matrix
toxic regulations, legislation, law and illegal laws :
agendas, globalism, supra-national organizations, entities & agreements :
weaponized "education system" ;
weaponized "legal system" - courts, law enforcement, UN, WHO;
weaponized Canadian Human Rights Commission;
weaponized "Immigration" race replacement, invasion, migration;
weaponized illegal "Multiculturalism Act";
weaponized illegal "1982 Constitution";
weaponized "Emergency Act";
weaponized "Cartels that rule the world";
weaponized "Trade Agreements";
weaponized "Official Narrative" with anti-social "Social Media - Big Tech";
weaponized "Green Finance" "Green Industry" "Green Politics";
weaponized "diversity is strength" codeword for white genocide;
weaponized "ESG" Environment, Social, Governance;
weaponized diversity & inclusion statement, quotos, cultural marxism agendas;
weaponized fake virtue signalling, green wash, war on fossil fuel & white fossils;
weaponized welfare society, demographic & race warfare;
weaponized fake economy, wealth re-distribution, expropriation, theft, genocide;
weaponized regulations industry economic enterprise genocide;
weaponized currency and stamps non-Canadian PsyOps;
weaponized "Crown" foreign criminal agencies, anti nation-state;

AERS Meta analysis : key word intel perspective matrix

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