B301 Member & Personnel Options

Private member and personnel options include challenge and reward in this visionary and ambitious endeavour. We promote individual creativity, innovative solutions, teamwork, vision and good paying, solid quality, family rated jobs and careers.

Anyone interacting, communicating, conducting transactions, or involved in anyway with us, can join the Battlegroup 301 membership, which offers awesome possibilities for involvement in one or more of these types of Personnel and high lighted features :

Career Personnel - working share-owners - dedicated personnel make it happen :
programs, projects, technology, products and services;
more opportunities, challenge and reward for the long term;
an environment for unlimited career options, intellectual capital, energy and bright ideas;
new industrial and economic productivity = revenue, opportunities and much more;

Enterprise Personnel:
create, build, augment, amplify and invest in industry and enterprise development;
prime contract, integrated and co-development projects, OEM and Tier 1 - 4 enterprise;
general, conventional and advanced projects = mix it up and custom build redefined;
community, strategic plans, local, regional and national development

Investor Personnel:
Private Equity & Venture Capital = enterprise, technology, product and service development;
comprehensive capital structure and securities = dynamic innovation and agility at work;
integrated business units for projects, technology, products and services;
Capital Vault Incorporated PE & VC base, open to wealth management firms and private investors

Customer Personnel:
invest, develop and acquire - convertible securities to assets, products, services, title or use
conditional sales and acquisition contracts
buy direct, buying group, fractional ownership, jurisdictions, entities, title, use
Customer input, custom made, revenue streams, new wealth, technology, products and services

National Logistics Personnel

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