The National Advanced Engine and Power Generation Program
Steam Locomotive Renaissance and Transformation

Notes - oil transport industry :
obviously making oil pipelines expensive, obsolete, ugly, unwise and eco-invasive;

refine Canadian oil in Canada instead of giving it away;

re-route and redeploy resources for oil industry related products, processing and distribution;

environment and territory/jurisdictions, provinces or states;

massive reduction in risk management, liability and pollution;

National Energy & Oil Refinery - Canadian owned and controlled;

diverting bitumen/ crude oil to diverse places is diversity, diversity is real Canadian genocide;

Many believe that the Lac Megantic oil rail car disaster was pre-meditated, pro-active crime and sabotage and criminal negligence for the pipeline industry;

The real hidden agenda is to force an oil pipeline through Quebec and other places where it is not wanted;

Quebecers and many Canadians think and envision Canada with rail roads, not pipelines!;

The fact is enforcing pipelines in sovereign territory or where it is not wanted is not a wise idea, but not very smart either, as in why do you insist on giving away bitumen and crude when you can refine it and then distribute it? Why not deliver with awesome rail logistics? Oh, that is too expensive you say? But to give away crude and send in by rail to Texas is not expense eh? How much were you losing in revenues??? All because of what? It could be interpreted that those insisting on giving it away for next to nothing is not expensive. Ok, and why not simply invest and build another refinery and of course Whitey's gas station.

Keep on fracking in BC and Alberta like in the USA and you will have more earthquakes, and the cascade ripple effect, and chain reactions, and landslides (bye bye pipe line, try cleaning that up) and then those volcanoes waiting for action may finally get their chance, boom, there goes the atmosphere, there goes the fault line, there goes Vancouver Island, all because of fracking…plus all the toxic waste pumped into the ground to do fracking is criminal beyond measure…way beyond.

Imagine, A few words from the Lord:

Thou shall not plunder resources and engage in fracking, or allow others to engage in globalist plundering;
Thou shall not destroy and pollute like a sociopathic demon possessed lunatic with no conscience.
Thou shall not give away your resources so another country can put you out of business faster.
Thou shall not have mining operations that pollute and leave a toxic landscape or toxic water supply.
Thou shall not sell out the ownership, control or voting of natural resources to foreigners, it shall be for the founding people of Canada…
Thou shall not commit treason against your country or sell out the country, or relinquish or abdicate your right to self government, that is Peace, Order and Good Government for the Union of Canada.

Thou shall not barricade the railway or cause damage to tracks, locomotives or rail cars, for it is the national dream of the railway that united Canada.

Thou shall not use the railway infrastructure to import endless foreign goods to put Canadian industry and enterprise out of business faster.

Thou shall not annoy the white man and especially the founding people of Canada, for when they have had enough of you, you will be finished.

Thou shall not make rules and regulations as to Hate Speech, for it is actually the Truth of the Crime, Treason, Genocide, War and Immorality, in addition to the super imposed garbage cultural marxist culture, lies, revised history, fake history, secret agendas, power takeover, population replacement and anti-white bitter, resentful, hostile and jealous, rascist agenda that is despised and is real hate speech along with everyone making rules, courts and judges involved in acts of agression, acts of war, enemies foreign and domestic, enemy combattants engaged in legislation, rulings, decrees, enforcement and penalties of so called crime, which is not a crime, especially when it conflicts with the status quo, the official narrative, mainstream fakestream news psyop media, super imposed social engineering immoral anti-nationalist anti-nation state, anti-white, anti-straight white, anti-entrepeur, anti-industrial,, anti-national defence and anti-transport logistics, anti-self-government

So to label the truth as Hate Speech itself is Hate Speech and extremely hypocritical, so look at the three fingers pointing back at you, full of arrogance and insolence…"I will break the pride of your power."

Diversity is not strength, it is a codeword for white genocide.

Unity is Strength, Unity is actually a super power…

Ok that was funny, right? Did you get the point?

There is a parallel universe somewhere…

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