The National Advanced Engine and Power Generation Program
Steam Locomotive Renaissance and Transformation

The pre-eminent locomotive vision :
The super power of traditional steam ; rebuild infrastructure & retrofit ;
The super power of advanced electrodynamics & steam ;

Zero fuel advanced technology propulsion and energy;
Dedicated for Canadian technology, products, services and people transportation;
5,000 to 7,500 HP range, steam power that is…;

Design Engineering and Made in Canada for Canada ;

Work : solid quality family rated jobs and careers! ;

Optimized : general and strategic, advanced manufacturing, technology and materials;

True values : power, dignity, stability, mobility and agility ;

Character : The most powerful, durable, efficient, reliable and invincible locomotives in the world;

Strategic, Operational, Tactical & Logistical Advantage

Railroad Notes - rail transport industry :

- Notes-Diversity

B301 Railroad Industry Infrastructure Program

Techno Co-development Business Combinations & OEM
As-Garde Aerospace and Electrodynamics Inc. -

Everything else will be obsolete…and that's ok with us… Join Battlegroup 301