Industry & Enterprise Development Program Portfolio

just some of the things we are working on...

● Industrial and commercial park, building and facilities infrastructure
● New buildings, acquisitions, development, renovation
● Construction Trades and building projects focused
● general and strategic Canadian industry
● research and development, design engineering, manufacturing, assembly,
● material supply, processing, transformation, distribution, logistics
● building materials production and related services
● trades, machinery, tools, equipment, expertise, acquisition, investment, financing
● bidding and contracts, secure supply, joint ventures, co-development
● promoting apprenticeship, skills, education, certification and learning options
● enterprise opportunities and options, production capabilities
● Unified with Enterprise Vision & Investment Vision
● Integrated with Capital Vault Incorporated and the CVIx Advanced Projects
● open to Private Equity & Venture Capital, investment, wealth and portfolio management
● national, provincial, regional, community, industry, enterprise and entrepreneurial options
● Canadian Industrial Base and Canadian Defence Technology Industrial Base

Industry Enterprise Defence Network - B301_IEDN.pdf more en route

National, Industrial, Enterprise & Civil Defence

Dream in classified, defend the kingdom, fortify the castle, make no excuses, leave nothing to chance, succeed at mission tasking and explore a world without limits.

Lucky for you, you are aware that business is war...

You already know what to do...