Battlegroup 301 Incorporated - Diversity

The following is an experiment in writing style development…in the parallel universe that may exist somewhere…

Real Canadian values of peace, order and good government, this includes rail roads, that is what helped to unite and build the country!

Notes - Diversity is real Canadian genocide
diverting bitumen/ crude oil to diverse places is diversity, diversity is real Canadian genocide
under the realm of government and corporate sponsored crime, genocide and treason, promoted by globalism
conquest by ownership, control, voting, editing, legislation, regulation, taxation, influence, general and advanced persistent threats, denial or neutralized individuals, industry or citizens, the use of force or the threat of the use of force (classic terrorism) of territory, people, industry, resources, government, communications, energy

You promote diversity eh? How about diversity in questions, direct, indirect, cryptic, innuendo and loaded questions? Or questions with facts that illuminate various realities, as in the truth? OK, let's go, ding ding, round one…

Does your diversity include diverting bitumen/ crude oil to diverse places in Canada? (Since we are talking about rail transport and oil industry)

Do these diverse places include diverse and multiple private and / or public enterprise or entities? or is it more or less monopolized, restricted and limited to existing players, cozy relationships with government and corporate sponsored crime, genocide, treason, control, legislation and regulation or taxation or simply being "in the game"?

If your diversity includes multiple private and public enterprise and entities, is your portfolio diversified like this, or would you be interested in that kind of portfolio diversification or industry ownership, control and voting diversification?

Does your diversity include public or private enterprise that offers ownership, control, voting of national energy resources and oil refineries?

Does your diversity include the legislation or regulation to Canadian ownership of national energy resources or restriction on foreign ownership, control, voting, leasing, production, processing, transportation and logistics rights or otherwise?

Does yor diversity include the option of co-operative association, un-incorporated associations, such as a private trust or other entity, or other jurisdictions under Canadian control for Canadian advantage, or resources in trust, or voting trusts, or financial and non-financial investment, or dividends that can be distributed in actual products such as gas, diesel, oil, kerosene, jetfuel, petroleum based products or entities and enterprises or technologies involved in downstream processing, production or product integration?

Does your diversity include only crime, genocide and treason, or is it into peace, order and good govenment?

If you like the idea of ethical oil, does your actions include your diversity options forwarded here? Or are you more "Close minded" and not "open minded" and inclusive enough to consider a more nationalistic and pro-Canadian, pro industry, pro-individual point of view?

If you like diversity, does that include real Canadian majority control, ownership and voting of national energy resources?

Is your diversity limited to foreign dominance, imperialism, or government and corporated sponsored crime, genocide and treason and the relinquishing of power to some other person or globalist agenda that defrauds real Canadians of opportunity, prosperity, abundance, identity and national achievement and individual self esteem?

Does your diversity include you exercising powerful freedom of choice and being pro-active and decisive?

Does your diversity include re-opening closed rail road routes in Canada and opening new one's, or rerouting new routes where old one's were closed and turned into the super nation building achievement of "walking trails" that nuked Canadian railways by people without vision or imagination about doing something better, awesome, extra-ordinary? Hmmm, yes tuff questions eh.

Yes, lots of trucks and cars and no end to traffic and smog, imported cars, junk electronics and junk plastics and crumple engineering and rotten rusted metal, yes, that is so much better, we can see that now…just in time delivery, except for cataclysm, emp, solar flares, Canadian weather and more things that you can shake a stick at or roll the dice and gamble with, cool…

Or are you limited to what everyone else is doing, mass conformity to the mainstream world of nothing, do nothing, experience nothing, invent nothing, get involved with nothing, react to nothing, dream of nothing, nothing ambitious, nothing challenging, nothing rewarding, nothing exciting and adventurous, invest in nothing, contribute nothing, do nothing out of your comfort zone of certainty, stabillity and mass hypnosis, accept the status quo of nothing, everything that is, do a whole lot of nothing, like there is nothing you can do about it…right?

Wrong, you can always smoke more GMO Weed with nanotech (genetically modified pot/cannabis) to completely fry your balls and braincells with your genocide machine cell phone tower, smart spy n crime meter, internet router, wifi and cell phone, blue tooth, and even turn your car into a mobile microwave oven to nuke yourself as you drive, like bye bye to your frontal cortex, that is your power to think, reason, analyze, use logic, focus, will power, that is something you can do, perpetually pro-crastinate and do a whole lot of nothing, wow, that is so cool….

Another option is being pro-active, using will power to focus that resolution to succeed, achieve and work to build great things together….yes, that would be privileged, a super achieving whitey, that would make everyone else look stupid, lazy, like how humiliating that must be, talk about self esteem and identity issues, OMG, obviously it was not an alien upgrade was it?

And finally, did you know that "diversity is strength" is a codeword for white genocide?

If you believe that We are using the word diversity to annoy you, you may believe that we are white nationalists, which might be diferent from being a real Canadian Nationalist, that is the founding people of Canada, you could simply replace the word "diversity" with the word "portfolio" and if you have any left, while you are at it revitalize your nobility and excellence, your industrious work ethic and creative imagination, your brilliant technical genius and achievement, your trust, loyalty and spirit of co-operation so that you may replace the socialist crumbs of "be nobody and do nothing", and the scatological remarks of cultural marxist ideas known as the quantum theory of globalist bullshit, that is everything that is of anti-nation state, anti-Canadian, anti-bourgeosie, anti-family, anti-free enterprise, anti-faith, anti-freedom, anti-individual (foreign super imposed group rights to eliminate or neutralize individual Canadian founding people rights) basically super imposed garbage liberalism religion multi-cultural crap….fueled by more crime, treason and genocide…

all aboard, for the greatest adventure of all time….this will be added to great blog…

This is an experimental test, a real social experiment, get it? Eh?

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