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Applied Testing Team Program

The Applied Testing Team Program is an option geared from limited to mass customization, experimental research and market development by actual applied technology in real world situations, not just testing labs and the factory or showroom floor.
Some options are as follows:

Fuel Systems Research & Development Optimization Program

Bio-diesel Test Fuel Program

Vehicles & Engine Program, primarily for co-development and specific retro-fit markets; including the design engineering of new proto-type vehicles, which may include experimental fuel systems or other forms of power and propulsion.
Machinery  Program and related types of machinery products, Project or Technology. This is expected to be beneficial for those using machinery in a particular trade, industry or service as participants may use and test machinery in maximum commercial everyday environments.
The efficient experimental research, development, testing and continuous improvement of technology requires a more responsive and secure environment, for successful end user logistics, customer satisfaction and further long term commercial requirements.  This is a ways and means of mutual co-operation and benefit to acquire certain things in a flexible and more ideal way and have some fun in the process on the road to discovery. 
Various types of technology and performance capability are enabled with a substantial research program.  Additional resources, options, investment and other costs are item and application specific, however, in combining various aspects of a co-operative membership structure, program options, resources, expended capital infrastructure and access to other additional resources, we believe that there are fantastic opportunities that might not otherwise be possible.
This program enables various options such as investment, authorized sales, installation or distributorship, referral and finder bonus, infrastructure and inventory capital development, in addition to being involved personally.  Production runs with economies of scale are expected to provide a greater degree of program success, with the main intention of getting the technology out there in a secure and dependable way, maximizing advantages, reducing risks and missed window of opportunities, while creating a very robust environment for growth and reward for those who want to be at the leading edge in state of the art, benefit from useful and practical technology and experience some of what is possible.
Integration with the various programs, technology, business and other synergistic combinations of technology and product applications with greater value will be possible in addition to creating new forms of wealth producing power and subsequent flow of wealth in beneficial channels to participating Battlegroup 301 members. Capitalizing on inventive genius in a spirit of co-operation in applied research and development creates an incredible spectrum of possibilities, while generating a much greater degree of speed, force and power, to get the job done, optimizing every possible advantage. 
More details are en route:
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