Canadian Industrial Base

Our Policy is focused on Prosperity, Sovereignty, National Security and Operational Response.

Our pro-active endeavours are based on Programs, Projects, Products and Services.

These endeavours involved practical and visionary ideals, invention and innovation, some things have been done before, some things are completely new, from the faculties of brilliant imagination and creativity.

These involve economic nationalism, promoting
Product of Canada and solid quality good paying family rated jobs and careers, enterprise, investment, development and acquisition opportunities.

Fundamentally, we like barn raising, it is an environment of community and co-operation, working together, building something for the long term. With this endeavour we include industrial and commercial facilities, entire infrastructure, material acquisition, production, transformation, related work and installation.

The Canadian Industrial Base involves trades people, expertise, investment, employment, careers, project management and administration, with all kinds of personnel involved in inter-related ways.

Looking at the idea or actual foundation, we build block by block, brick by brick, stone by stone and forward with every element of construction. This integrates with the mission and purpose, knowing what something is for and being a part of the creative environment and capacity to build, achieve and excel, the transformation of ideas, dreams, plans, vision and thought into reality, the alternate reality. It is not just another number, plan or building, it has purpose, something important to all of us.

The status quo is not supportive or conducive to build great things together, it does not work for the individual, the family, the community or any enterprise dedicated to nation building, nation state sovereignty, individual or nation self-sufficiency or even remotely economic nationalism, intelligent and thoughtful patriotism. We must build something new, from the ground up. This includes the vision, capabilities, environment, resources and people to make it happen. It will not happen by itself. Things will only get worse...because good people do nothing...

Lowering building and infrastructure costs can redirect valuable resources elsewhere, saving money is like making money. Multiple forms of financial and non-financial investment is part of that equation. This goes way beyond conventional, “you only have three choices” mentality, limited investment options, and inadequate pro Made in Canada, pro Product of Canada enterprise promotion.

The possibilities and options of the Battlegroup 301 Incorporated Canadian Industrial Base envisioned, can work with investment fund management, wealth management, portfolio management, private equity and venture capital. Mortgage funds that may discover the awesome possibilities and advantages of serial and convertible bonds, with more rights and options to offer investors down the road or in the sky or the ocean of limitless imagination and real world topography.

With Capital Vault Incorporated and Intergalactic Securities & Management Corporation, access to an incredible range of relevant, exciting, extremely useful and profitable options, with products and services, programs and projects for strategic, operational and tactical advantage.

It is possible that the individual viewpoint may change in the future as more become involved in being part of the solution and going beyond all the things that are not really working to the strategic advantage of Canada and the Canadian Industrial Base, that is in totality much greater than what is presented here, and exists in an unequaled and unprecedented scale.

We have honour, duty, valour, hard work, brilliant inspiration of genius and imagination at work, being dedicated to build, to achieve, to acquire, to experience, to do and to be, everything we imagine, dream about and wish for, hope for and work for.

If you know about the grail quest, the broken sword and the already know what to do.

Our work-freedom

Canadian Defence Technology Industrial Base

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