Our Work-Freedom

We have serious work to do. With our friends, allies and fellow citizens, we can promote and believe in freedom of speech, or nation state sovereignty, or nation building, we can talk about health, creating prosperity, new enterprise, real families, true values, personal responsibility and accountability.

As for freedom, the individual, there exists rights and responsibilities, we are going beyond consensus situational erroneous pre-programmed reaction enforced by a super-imposed genocide culture that is completely self destructive, we need to leave all that behind, and for those who insist on destroying themselves, let them, just don’t go along with them...we choose an alternate reality by choice, it is ours, each of us to make.

When we look at the idea of freedom, we have freedom within the law. Just because a car can go 200 mph does not mean it is right to drive it that fast on the highway. Accidents can happen, people can be hurt and die, more problems are created...real freedom does not take away and interfere with the freedom of others. We have the freedom to invest, contribute, save, buy, build, develop and acquire Made in Canada and Product of Canada. It is the individual that reserves the right and responsibility to make that a reality.

The government will not do it for you, they are against you the individual and freedom, the freedom that is nation state sovereignty, free enterprise, Made in Canada and Product of Canada. They are for the group, the globalist, crime, defrauding, genocide and treason, no problem, trade deals that ruin and defraud the citizen and more small and medium enterprise no problem. Unlimited imports that wipe out entire industries, no problem.

Our freedom might be limited in some way at some time concerning some things, but with focus, effort and ideas that transform our thinking and actions, these things can change, with greater options, choice and freedom. With stores that are 95% full of stuff and junk made some where else, that is not freedom. When was the last time you had a really good pair of boots? Eh?

Exporting endless money, jobs, careers and liquidating enterprise and entire companies and reducing an industry to rubble or a non-existent once upon a time is not freedom, a do nothing robot job is not freedom, a job that does not pay is not freedom, a government that does not defend Canada’s industry and enterprise is not freedom, it is crime, fraud, genocide and treason, business as usual. Not being able to live your dream, achieve goals, do your art, or mix it with science, integrate it with a plan, prospectus and capital structure is not freedom, it is a straight-jacket to hell. Naturally of course, there exists opportunities to learn, grow, excel and express the best of who you are and advance forward step ;by step through space time and encounter unknown variables that can change anything in a moment...

Being able to create, to imagine, to build, to grow, to experience, to explore and discover, that is freedom. The capacity to defend your country, that is freedom, to promote free enterprise and develop productivity and prosperity, that is freedom. Having freedom is the whole picture, the ability to build infrastructure, have machinery, materials, money and people to make things happen, that is freedom.

Make it, protect it, keep it, make it grow, more freedom. Protect it from those who would tax it to oblivion, steal it, inflate it away, expropriate it, copy it, or regulate your life so you can’t do what you need to do or want to do, that also safeguards your freedom...”What do you think of them apples?” Freedom from fear, overcome fear with action, confront, conquer - False Evidence Appearing Real...what is not so obvious is...faith. You did not expect that did you? Faith, it is a super power you can exercise, experience, something you can know, like freedom, something that transcends space time and any super imposed reality.

“At ease soldier”, “Sir, no sir, we are surrounded by enemies, we are at war, sir!”

When people vote and the first thing that a new governing party does is cater to lobbyists, not citizens, to foreigners who could be invaders and multi-nationals, globalists and so on, that is freedom in the government, but a counterfeit and fraudulent freedom. It was never authorized, it is not legal, it is not valid, it is not fair, it is not right, and from what we can see, the people doing it, are in fact incorrigible, and looking at the 1867 Confederation, the British North America Act, we can easily see what is legal and what is not. The Constitution of 1982 is bogus, laws that are against the law, a superior law or regulations to our law, for the founding people, is against the law. Contact us for more details on the Confederation of 1867 vs the Constitution of 1982.

If we look at all the things going on, consensus reality, it is super-imposed on us to our disadvantage, a criminal act of unparalleled magnitude...out of control. People think others in government don’t know what they are doing, they know exactly what they are doing...being diabolical, criminal, genocide and treasonous anti nation state maniacs...if it were any different the truth and evidence would be obvious, right? The good news is that there are good people in government, people with integrity, a keen sense of right and wrong, truth, justice, self sacrifice and altruism, people devoted to the prosperity, security and integrity of the governing institutions, within there present level of awareness, understanding, perspective and competence.

The Income Tax Act has nothing to do with equality. Globalists, multi-nationals and foreign invaders with zero tax and no reporting, reduced regulations and all kinds of special deals is not equality. It is amazing the reality of what is going on in Canada, that most descendants of the founding people of Canada, are not aware of what others are doing and getting away with, or how the anti-founding people in government is (anti-white is the understatement), how anti-nation state sovereignty and pro foreign invader immigrant the government is, and what is going on. Government and corporate sponsored fraud by “microcode” changes in legislation that is in itself illegal, radical and treasonous is normal, a badge of honour to sell out the country, on a massive and unprecedented scale.

How is your freedom now? Do you like that idea or experience of being totally defrauded by a bunch of traitors, criminals and genocide maniacs? It’s not in mainstream fake stream propaganda news...the masters of deception and covert psy ops in a relentless campaign against you, the individual, the nationalist, the lover of freedom, the free thinking, the non-conformist, the one with true values, a sense of right and wrong, real solid character and dependability, self sufficient as much as possible, you. How are you doing now?

When individuals pay more tax than billionaires, and when Canadian enterprise are forced to deal with massive currency differences and outright currency warfare, unlimited imports is that equality? So much for the anti-dumping act. When traitors and saboteurs invade government and are engaged in the subversion of nation state sovereignty, do we do nothing? That’s just the way it is? When 95% of stuff in stores are Made in China and the imbecile government agents want even more trade, what do you think will happen? Eh Think harder and longer, write your thesis, a pro forma...industrial, economic and cultural genocide, democide...

You need to know that there are no limits to stupidity or treason, crime or genocide, selling out the country, it is demonic to say the least, never forget that, and remember that is not a religious statement, although Liberalism is a religion, even though there are people that believe that it is a separation of church or religion and state. We know that it is not true, even if it is hidden in plain sight by stealth and the ideal of freedom, a counterfeit freedom.

Obviously, we are at a point now, it is essential to do something, anything in the direction of freedom and nation state sovereignty and for the prosperity of communities, families, enterprise and the individual, the survival of industry and being masters of our destiny, not slaves, in debt and without a choice of opportunity to make a difference and live our lives on our own terms and not at the whim of others. Is that a tough unit to be in?

So, going back to the idea that problems are temporary if we deal with them with focused persistent action, we can solve problems and go beyond with the creation of something new, extra-ordinary, dynamic, brilliant, comprehensive, solid and awesome. Now who in the world has the intelligence, character, vision and resolution to do something so fantastic?

Isn’t it about time you got involved and did something traditional...as those who say traditional is radical, “O Canada, we stand on guard for thee...” that would be radical eh, 95% of stuff in stores Made in Canada and Product of Canada...that is not just a renaissance in thinking, doing, building and working, it is a revolution, by the kick ass Canadian...Traditional, yeah, let’s take a good look at that, let’s expand by magnitudes of detail with a war vector scenario of traditional vs the new, life vs genocide, manufacturing capability and self sufficiency and prosperity vs endless import and dumping, powerlessness, poverty and debt...let’s see how that is working for everyone.

Since you will exercise the discipline to not watch mass media mass mind control and propaganda television, with their dysfunctional lifestyles and stupid subliminal, covert and overt suggestions, along with fascist liberal media fakestream mainstream news, you might really discover and completely new sense of freedom...freedom from mind control. How liberating, talk about freedom, easy when you are not enslaved to the master manipulators of corruption.

In the Armed Forces, we have doctrine and discipline, right? How about the enterprise, family, community, the all powerful individual, imagine the possibilities....

The real freedom to think, act, dream, plan, build and get involved in something really Canadian! What do you do when you wake up from a really bad dream, or a nightmare, or something you just can’t accept or believe to be, and that maybe without a doubt know that something else is possible, as you are an energizing locomotive force going in the direction of something awesome, a battlegroup of one. Freedom! If you were smart, you would know that to identify the enemy is really important, it may be the most important thing, along with mission tasking. Now what about all those things against your freedom? What about microscopic elements in the food, air, water, materials or even those invisible things that wage war incessantly against your freedom, what are you going to do about it? Eh?

By now, You already know what to do, right?