Canadian Defence Technology Industrial Base Vision

This originates with the basic Canadian Industrial Base Policy:

Our Policy is focused on Prosperity, Sovereignty, National Security and Operational Response.

Our pro-active endeavours are based on Programs, Projects, Products and Services.

Please note: The ideals expanded upon in this endeavour our exponential and comprehensive, it is geared to solving problems with something practical, dedicated and focused, and goes way beyond conventional approaches to create something new and awesome.

This forward looking, visionary and brilliant imagination and creativity is necessary, as due to considerable realities, which can be covered elsewhere in greater detail, for those that need to be more up to speed, in case they don’t already know, or would like to expand their awareness to considerable degree or add to the awareness of others, including the forwarding of other ideas and understanding to build something even more complete, dynamic and awesome.

Concerning the aerospace industry, this work was expanded upon in consideration of the “Small Business Working Group report of Sept 19, 2012” and associated works, of the Aerospace Review. This goes beyond only aerospace.

Our work is directed to small and medium private enterprise, this may grow over time.

The Battlegroup 301 Incorporated
Enterprise Vision and Investment Vision is essential in getting things done, and is expanded upon in greater detail in corresponding documents.

Existing systems and what is normal is not working and will not work, they are fundamentally flawed, they are not designed or built to augment, amplify or accelerate the individual or free enterprise, or the magnitude of capabilities and competence that is required for strategic, tactical or operational demands in either the basic Canadian Industrial Base, or the Canadian Defence Technology Industrial Base.

The Techno-Development Program (
B301_Techno-Development.pdf) involves experimental and applied research and development, prototypes and super-prototypes and limited production capabilities. This involves materials, dedicated, reliable and competent people, money, infrastructure, machinery and co-operation with character, leadership, vision and focus. This involves the design, development and tooling costs and associated infrastructure to make it happen and leads to Technology Demonstration.

The Government Procurement Development Program is essential to build organizations and entities and succeed with complex bidding process, in addition to going beyond the existing operating system with independent development, co-development and other interesting and relevant options, contracts, acquisitions, lend/lease or otherwise. Many things can and need to be developed “notwithstanding” the general genocide, treason and lack of national economic vision or solid Defence Technology Development Policy (Battlegroup 301 Incorporated is evidently the visionary leader) or any true values based on real Canadian values and Confederation.

This includes Vehicle and Technology Platforms, in aerospace, marine, land and industry systems, and expands in corresponding elements as may be required.

This includes consulting, advisory and council and can work with associated government, entities and enterprise to augment any reports to Parliament concerning the state and operational readiness of the Canadian Defence Technology Industrial Base, as a whole, not only what is directly endeavoured with Battlegroup 301 Incorporated.

This works for and with:

The Top End Customers
OEM-original equipment manufactures
Prime Contract
Tier 1: system integrators
Tier 2: Equipment Providers and assembly
Tier 3: Build to print components and sub assembly
Tier 4: Processing and material supply

This is a work in progress. Anyone in industry, enterprise, Defence Technology or Defence, including ordinary civilians are welcome to be involved in anyway they can.

For those who like to talk about standing by and supporting our troops, or “O Canada, we stand on guard for thee...” this endeavour is a great way to be a part of the action...

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