Battlegroup 301 Incorporated -
Industry Defence Technology Projects

Vehicle Development Program
Industry Machinery Vehicles - the practical protfolio

Custom Industry Machinery Vehicles;
Tracked mobile cranes & material handling dumping;
Logging trucks & trailers;
Logging and Sawmill machinery & infrastructure;
Mining & processing material handling;
Cement Trucks, Portable Mixing Machinery, Material Logistics;
Beam & Pole trailers;

Industrial Crane & Gantry;
Portable Rool Forming - on site steel roofing & siding;
Aggregate & raw, processed and semi-processed materials;

Utility Trailers - private manufacturing enterprise, customer finance;

Cargo Containers;
jobsite construction trailers;

Defence & Commercial Truck Development Program
4x4 & 6x6 cargo trucks, flat deck, conventional & forward cab;
engine, transmission, axle & gear, tires, brakes, drums, infrastructure;
Highway trucking logistics : Made in Canada, truck parts secure supply chain development;
foundry & machine shop : brake drums, rotors, components;
complete design, engineer, build vehicle, power & chassis;
Freedom Convoy 2022 -trucking & supply chain logistics solutions;

Co-development multi-purpose:
Defence Vehicle-10 [Hovercraft-medium and heavy lift] ;
Modular Barge Hovercraft - MIL & Industry/Construction
Transportation Barge - portable, single & multiple components;

Notes :
Custom Industry Machinery & Vehicles Vision :
Our vision is to enable, augment and amplify new and existing companies, develop new enterprise, technology and products, improve and build new capacity.

Private investment, invest & acquire or deploy, customer financing, custom build are useful options. Production agreements, buying group, conditional sales and acquisitions, secure supply line, strategic and tactical capabilities

Additionally, many other advantages of operational capabilities, including co-operative association, integrated out-sourcing, or integrated material handling by private investment for mutual benefit, saving and resource, production, management and material logistics can be possible, simply by working to build great things together as well as everyday logistics.

Optimizing regional and rural development, that includes economic, industry and enterprise, manufacturing, material logistics, production and processing is essential and cn be upgraded and enhanced for greater capacity or economies of scale.

Construction, natural resource, material handling and manufacturing logistics can all help to increase safety, speed, efficiency, quality, project management in mass production, custom and limitied production environments.

Industry and enterprise require finance, vehicles, machinery and infrastructure, with personnel for the "make it happen logistics". Infrastructure can be upgraded or built new, older infrastructure buildings and machinery vehicles can be modernized, instead of wasting assets or what is known as the "industrial wasteland" in the search for the Holy Graal…

Consultants, relevant government, citizens and residents, along with regional, rural, industry and enterprise economic development initiatives, vision and strategic plan, with key personnel who have understanding and experience in the industry, enterprise, production and material logistics are essential. This is all intellectual capacity that needs to be capitalized on.

Increasing economic, industrial and enterprise development and re-development success is essential. This is possible with not only more capital, machinery and vehicles, but also a region, community and citizens, who all benefit from the wealth producing power of successful nation building local and regional economies.

Successful industry and enterprise are essential, as these are necessary for good paying solid quality family rated jobs, demographic integrity, idenitity, a thriving community with an optimistic future that has relevant, challenging, interesting, exciting and reward jobs, careers, eneterprise and commerce advantage.

Local demographics and looking after the citizens, can regard personal, industry and enterprise responsibility, to reduce the time and cost of going to work, the commute distance. This parallels with industry and enterprise for more efficient material and vehicle logistics.

Industrial sabotage and industrial genocide by unions have ruined and destroyed much industry and enterprise. These acts of agression and wars of agression can no longer be tolerated and is totally uncivilized behaviour.

Public and private investment, working share owners and a dynamic group of competent people dedicated to generate new wealth is essential.

The Problematic Challenge

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Industry Machinery Vehicles Portfolio

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