Vision - Sécurité et Défense Nationale

National Security and Defence Vision - traduction en route

Forward :

This endeavour includes aspects of the National Defence Mission, CSIS, CSE, NSICOP and law enforcement as well as awareness and perspective of National Security and Defence, in government, industry, enterprise, civil and individual;

This endeavour goes way beyond anything done before or currently proposed, it is not only visionary in perspective and awareness, it is relevant and practical in a pro-active comprehensive nation building state, my only apology is that it has taken a long time, when in actuallity I believed somebody else was doing it, it was not my responsibility and I was too busy with other things. Certainly I have been pre-occupied in my zone.

We can acknowledge that without a National Security and Defence Vision, everything else may come to nothing, be neutralized in effect, a war won without bullets, amazing. However, You and I can accept personal responsbility, the response ability and initiative, endeavours and pro-active ability that has certain audacity of an ultra-nationalist identity.

We can recognize and acknowledge the reality of power, titles and juridiction and we can also have that understanding that as individuals and as a group, we exist like neurons in a brain, the central nervous system of national security and defence. Neurons communicate, so do people. If we look at the brilliant an illuminating analogy of a electric or electronic gadget or circut board, people are like components on that device, or gadget or better yet a servo mechanism, a figure of speech that in french is cerveau, sounds the same, does the same thing, we need to recognize that, everyone has a part to play, and a goal achieving mechanism in place, a super achieving mechanism in place, the National Security and Defence super achievement that includes you.

We are often times confronted with strategic, operational and tactical requirements.
Do you need ground support? Do you need air support? What if you are dealing with traitors and bio-terrorists in government or any other problem? Do you need options? Do you need a strategic airlift, or something to go in dangerous ground. Is your job at risk for exercising moral courage and fortitude to do the right thing, the national security and defence move? Do you need a word, an encouraging word? Does someone you know need that encouraging word, or perhaps some awareness, understanding and motivation. To see the world through someone else's eyes, in much greater detail and understanding, that would be easier, right?

This offers integrity, including unredacted truth, thoughful intelligent patriotic ideas, development programs, mission tasking, and certainly the emphasis on moral courage and character, whether in an everyday soul searching practice, or rectifying the problematic challenges we are faced with, this is serious work, a serious endeavour.

Essentially we need to insist on that honesty, and accountability that is empowered by the character and competence of an individual as well as a group, association, entity, company, governing institution, a ministry or any related policy, including any government personnel, including anyone in defence, law enforcement, industry, enterprise, community and family;

Certainly a much greater awareness, with the corresponding and inter-connected realities is needed, and even though there may appear to be limits on intel, resources or the appropriate character with the moral character to do the right thing, we can continue to go in that direction and be true to standing on guard for Canada, the real peace, order and good government, something with heart and soul, nation state sovereignty.

We realize individuals may be confronted with the inevitable realization of their erroneous ways, not as an attack on competence or character, certainly more directed to awareness, the indentification of the enemy and increasing the degree of dedication and devotion to Canada and whatever position, title or power that may be exercised.

We recognize that the challenges due to super imposed cultural genocide, social engineering and tactics that are clearly anti nation state sovereignty, which includes people who are not necessarily deceived, more perhaps mis directed or subject ot erroneous indoctrination, and certainly those who may be compromised, with subversion, infiltration, ransom and threats or extortion, policy, agendas and all kinds of PsyOps and special operations going on in the background, including propaganda, mind control, social conditioning, discrimination and other class warfare.

We also realize there is a fundamental difference in operating systems of the resident evil versus the resident righteous, and without being overly religious, we can look at anything in light of wise and unwise, right and wrong, good and evil, life and death, civilized and uncivilized, aware and pro active or ignorance, negligence, wilful contraryness, barbaric, anti nation state activities, which exist in a considerable magnitude.

Furthermore, it is possible, although it may take considerable genius and certainly the right PR - public relations personnel, as some may not be as diplomatic and polite, some may not whitewash or hide or distort or omit the truth and hide the reality of real relevant threats and what to do about it, and certainly there are certain channels of communications to individuals that exist or may be created.

We also acknowledge that even though a national security, defence or law enforcement agency, entity, association, ministry, department, or otherwise may know about something that is indeed a real national security threat, or a real national security asset, or a pro-active course of action that can be taken, and nothing is done, in total rejection of stated mission and purpose of the organization, to the detriment of Canada and Canadians, whether it is in the national security and defence realm, industry, enterprise and civil defence, this is a problem with corresponding challenges that must be dealt with and rectified.

National Security and Defence Vision - Summary
■ Canadian Defence Technology industrial Base Vision
■ Industry Defence Vision
■ Enterprise Defence Vision
■ Civil Defence Vision

■ Nation State Sovereignty Vision
■ Sovereign Money - real M1 tangible debt free currency;
■ Nationalist, Patriots, Citizens & the Founding people, ethnocentric ;
■ Peace, Order and Good Government;
■ Rectify deficiencies, Constitutional, de facto and de jure

■ Counter measures to General ZOG, supra-national & anti nation state entities;
■ Problematic deep state,, crime, treason, high treason, genocide, war, immorality, terrorism, bio-terrorism, in addition to conflicts of interest, ethics, and other inappropriate actions;

■ National Security Council
■ National Security Intel Analyst & Advisory

■ Protector - unified real national security threat and enemy identification;
■ Education & Character;

■ Made in Canada as National Economic and National Defence Security;

Peace and War Vector Scenario Summary Analysis
direct, indirect, covert & overt, proxy, traditional, modern, asymmetrical;
■ genocide, all types foreign and domestic, super-imposed including government;
■ The Made in China national security threats;
■ Religious & ethno-religious threats, including demographics in Canada;
■ Religions who have declared war against us - facts not hate speech;
■ Corrupt foreign allies, proxy warfare and problematic challenges;

National Defence Challenges
Industrial Defence Challenges
Enterprise Defence Challenges
Civil Defence Challenges
■ Spiritual Self Defence Challenges

More details in case you don't know about asymmetrical anti nation state war vector scenarios:
■ Erroneous Policy, Multicultural Act, Immigration, Migration, Asylum, Invasion, dual citizens, foreign allegiance, allegiance to a foreign criminal agency, super imposed supra national organizations, Agenda, coalitions, unconstitutional and illegal political parties, enemies foreign and domestic, enemy collaborateurs, acts of agression, wars of agression and illegal wars, proxy wars, foreign entanglement proxy wars and illegal wars (not declared by Congress etc) , cultural marxism, communism, socialism, allegiance to socialist international, all forms of sexual perversion, woke, post modernism, race traitors, anti white etc et al, infiltrated and subversion of government, MP, MPP/MLA, un-elected comman, control or influence, mass media monopoly by enemies foreign and domestic (own, vote, control, influence, edit and censor) aka foreign interference, anti nation state activities, social engineering, so called "education system" multiple genocide and war vector scenarios, illegal hate speech laws, political parties and individuals engaged in anti nation state activities, national security threats, proxy war, genocide, against national, industrial, enterprise, economic and civil defence, the war against the real family, the war against white and the founding people, the war against fossil fuels, the so called global warming anti carbon war (no comment on geo-engineering and weather control technologies) the war on health sovereignty, the so called pandemic covid 19 and the "vaccine" bio-weapon and corresponding injuries, disease and death genocide, the 5G genocide machines, chemical warfare and polluted air, ground, water, food and environment, the war on tangible money and real currency, the war for jurisdiction of children against parents, the propaganda mind control mass media and public "education" on top of the anti nation state and terrorist organizations, UN, WEF, WHO etc and related agenda over control of regions and Mayor dictators with no allegiance to their residents and constituents, problems with marine law private courts versus common law courts, so called Constitution of 1982 and the illegal transfer of powers, the Myth is Canada and what to do about it, problematic issues concerning the chain of command as well as supply chain as national security challenges;

This is why we need peace order and good government, and when we don't have that, we need someone smarter, richer, more powerful with a whole lot more character and integrity and certainly the abiity to get the point across in a conducive manner that enables people in power or title to actually do their job, if they have the nationalist patriotic character and moral courage to do so, perhaps they all need a little encouragment…and not put up with all the anti Canadian agenda we are bombarded with everyday in addition to all the advanced persistent threats…

We probably need a totally new political party and elliminate all the traitorous ones we have, meanwhile we will find out who the patriots are and who the traitors are, the last 4 years made that a whole lot easier, right? So for all those who like walls, fences, polarities and clear definities and not cryptic messages, fake policy, hidden agendas and so on, or fancy PR polished statements, you will find this refreshing, empowering and maybe even validating and encouraging.

Certainly, for those who can read between the lines and understand various coded language, which may be subject to private interpretation and speculation, we will mostl likely make every effort to make it as direct, factual and evident as possible along with the options for consideration and implementation.

Additionally, We are not here to hog the credit, we are not narcissistic or self aggrandizing, only having the approach of humble and devoted service, in the light of total empowerement, that an individual can make a difference and we want you to know that you can express the best of who you are. You will notice relevant and applilcable mission tasking opportunities, and certainly encourage you to jump in with both feet and hit the ground running, we have no time to lose, as we are truly at war right here and now.

As for my esteemed colleagues, brothers in arms, any and all defence personnel, friends and allies, those in government, people in industry, enterprise and family, I salute you. Most encouraging is the level of competence, intelligence, skill and work ethic and professionalism that exists with the character and commitment to your job, career, every endeavour, community and country, work and mission that as personnel you make it personal. It is easy enough to complement, acknowledge and recognize that service and accomplisment, and to offer insight and awareness and to keep going forward, and natural to be inquisitive to ask about one thing or another and see if measurable progress can be made in rectifying any of the issues or problematic challenges we have, however small or great, everything is significant and influential. You need to know that this burns with heart and soul, it is intense and it really is do or die, so make no mistake, make effort not excuses, make every day count.

Evidently we are all busy, however, not busy enough, and without real measurable progress on these extremely important topics, we will not have a country worth having, all because good people do nothing and let all the bad people do anything.

Now is the time for all good citizens to come to the aid of their country.

All right, let's get to work!

Michael Comeau

national security as "protecting the safety and security of Canada's territory, government, economy and people, and the promotion and protection of Canadian interests." Privy Council Office to NSICOP

How do we acknowledge and reconcile research intel base and rectify that for:,,,

what about the definitions of treason, high treason, genocide, terrorism, bio-terrorism, bio-weapons, breech of trust, conflicts of interest, double agents, enemies foreign and domestic? It already exists, it already in the knowledge base intel base.