Systemes Carburant de Pointe

Advanced Fuel Systems - traduction en route

For the automotive, marine, general aviation, aerospace,
machinery and defence technology.
Super Atomized Fuel Systems Inc :

Vapour Induction Fuel Systems Inc. :

Super Carburetor Inc. :

Icosahedron Hydrogen Generator Fuel Systems Inc.

Fuel Systems Research & Development Optimization Program

Co-development with :
As-Garde Machine and Mecatronics Inc. -
National Turbo-machinery & Propulsion Inc. -
Orenda Engines Limited -

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Nobody else quallifies…

Does 200 mpg annoy you yet? or do you measure in litres per 100 km?

Notice how the global warming climate change people,
do not ever talk about Advanced Fuel Systems…

Notice how the holier than than virtue signaling anti fossil fuel crowd
never talk about Advanced Fuel Systems?


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Advanced Fuel Systems Development Program

Everything else is obsolete, you just know it yet…

It's understandable it is censored,
someone does not want you to know the truth about reality,
certainly nobody wants you to save money,
and pollute very little, while increasing the magnitude
of your individual freedom and mobility,
of the pure satisfaction and optimism
in everyday life that has been denied and kept from you,
forced to accept the status quo super imposed on you like everything else,

You will own Advanced Fuel System Technology,
and you will be happy…

in fact, less computers, less garbage plastic parts, electronics, sensors, trouble codes,
zero remote disabling, zero no go zones,
uninhibited freedom, mobility, performance and fuel efficiency…
Imagine that for a moment…

Imagine heaven on earth, with Advanced Fuel System Technology

Imagine owning the future that you and others like you envision,
something awesome, exciting, full of adventure,
something you helped build and make possible…

Imagine that you made all the difference,
for others to keep going, to defend the front lines,
in the war against your soul, your freedom, your country,
your values, your family and everything you value,
including the ability to re-invent industry and create the world
and live everyday on your terms, not at the whim of others,
to have excellence, challenge, opportunity and reward,
and the satisfaction of experiencing something awesome,
like Advanced Fuel Systems Technology

The best part about owning the future,
with your corresponding rights and responsabilities is that,
in fact you will own everything,
and nobody will take it from you…

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Our Father in heaven,
lead us not into temptation, or having to drive a gas guzzler,
give us this day, Advanced Fuel System Technology,
deliver us from globalists and climate change imbeciles,
and all the liars who defraud us from our future,
from the destroyers of our civilized society,
help us to go forward with Made in Canada,
and to invent and build all the awesome things,
that is in our heart to do,
and live the greatest adventure of all time…

unedited from the heart…

Due to national security reasons, freedom is not free,
And since you already know that, you already know what to do…
and you probably have a good idea what not to do…

Now, You are free to go!