Education, Trade and Technology Vision
University, College, Trade and Technical Institute
General Idea, Development and Integrated Logistics
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Something we need:
■ new and expanded local and regional opportunities;
■ create and expand rural, town, village, small city options;
■ reduce residents (adults and youth) exodus to larger cities;
■ general and specialized education, trade, technical and training;
■ revitalized text books based on integrity and true values;
■ revitalized primary & secondary education;
■ home schooling and alternative learning;

People and time:
■ optimized job, career and enterprise opportunities;
■ strategic, operational and tactical personnel development;
■ multiple time lines, focused leading edge curriculum;
■ initial intro, short, intermediate and long term education and training;

General Industry Options:
■ technology, products, services, industry capabilities;
■ aviation, aeronautics, aerospace, pilot training, transport;
■ marine, nautical, navigation, recreational and commercial shipping;
■ automotive, vehicles, new design research and development;
■ infrastructure, production and machinery design engineering;
■ financial and material resources - infrastructure and logistics;
■ intermodal logistics, trucking, shipping, air and rail, machinery;

Specialized Industry Options:
■ geology, prospecting, mining, metallurgy,
■ manufacturing and material science, processing, production;
■ construction, design, architecture, development, project management;
■ construction related trades, services, products - intro and advanced;
■ machinery, tools, production infrastructure;
■ engineering, drafting, CADD, graphic art, technical illustration writing;
■ woodworking, furniture, cabinetry, carpentry, finishing;
■ foundry, metal, materials, mechanics, tool and die, machine shop;
■ alternative science, invention and innovation, experimental R & D;
■ Resources, infrastructure and relevant options;
■ action and adventure sports: training and gear infrastructure;

Integrating Life Essential Industries:
■ natural resources, forestry and marine environment;
■ farming, biodynamic, organic, soil remineralization, soil revitalization;
■ more civilized livestock enterprise development;
■ marine life, fishing, forest, land and eco-system management;
■ bio-diversity, life respecting, protection and enhancing;
■ family farming, advanced business, pro-active and counter measures;
■ buying group, local and regional farmer market development;
■ food independence and opportunities;

Health Care - personal, family and public/community:
■ holistic alternative health, advanced health care;
■ caring people, practical, effective and measurable results;
■ independence, health and freedom, nutrition, dynamic remedies;
■ alternatives to cut, burn, poison, addiction and expensive treatments;
■ energy and revitalized life vs pain and sickness management;
■ counter-measure options against destructive technology and actions;

Personal development and more:
■ art, music, crafts and creative imagination;
■ education, entertainment and media;
■ individual and enterprise networking and development;
■ more adult courses, develop more community learning options;

Arsenal of Democracy:
■ investigative and citizens journalism, freedom of speech;
■ community citizens - own, control, vote and edit local news media;
■ creative writing, text book development, publication and integrated use;
■ home schooling, private education, re-invent public school;
■ real education and real news, purposeful, focus, unity, resolution
■ expose fake news, mass media and mind control propaganda;
■ truth, freedom, facts, history, faculties of thought, reason, imagination;
■ enterprise community endeavours for economic redevelopment;
■ community challenges - pro-active and counter-measures;

The Individual:
■ the individual, self sufficiency, creative imagination;
■ transformation of consciousness, personal development;
■ logic and analysis, critical thinking, reasoning, inspiration;
■ the individual role in building a civilized advanced civilization;
■ Building blocks of faith, family, freedom and free enterprise;
■ character development and personal management;
■ personal, physical, moral and spiritual defence;
■ the industrious, productive and profitable work ethic;
■ money, power, health, options and an awesome quality of life;
■ more action, adventure, outdoor individual sports;
■ relevant choices - invest, develop, custom build, acquire;
■ personal responsibility, courage, fortitude, resolution;
■ focus and constructive vs distraction and destructive;
■ Math, fractions, geometry, physics, chemistry etc;
■ Cursive writing, grammar, communication skills;

■ defence technology, tactics, tools, weapons;
■ national political, geo-political, exo-political elements;
■ C5+ infrastructure - national, industry and enterprise defence;
■ industry, enterprise and entrepreneurial defence;
■ community, rural, regional and national defence;
■ integrated law enforcement and defence personnel options;
■ ultra ethics and law : counter-measure to anti-nation state;
■ augment and amplify: honour, duty, character, role models, moral courage;
■ Identify, develop, train, promote real national security assets;
■ spiritual self defence, ethics, superior moral code, character building;

■ Identify the enemy & tactics, neutralize the enemy & infrastructure;
■ Identify anti-white, genocide, replacement migration/invasion/immigration;
■ Identify anti-white curriculum, anti- founding people;
■ Identify treason and high treason, terrorism and bio-terrorism;
■ Identify enemy collaborateurs, race traitors, acts of agression;
■ Identify General ZOG, proxy war and asymmetrical war vector scenarios;
■ Identify real national security threats in all levels of government;
■ Identify erroneous, unethical or abusive chain of command;
■ Identify problematic: post modernism, corruption, woke, perversion,
■ Identify history revisionism, super imposed garbage culture, multi-cult;
■ Identify Diversity, Equity & Inclusion war, proxy & asymmetrical war vector scenario;
■ Identify ESG, Environment, Social & Governance war vector scenarios;
■ Identify crime, treason, genocide, disease, sickness, pharma-fascist etc et al
■ Identify so called vaccine bio-weapons, organizations, entities & persons involved;
■ Identify sexual and cultural genocide and other extremist activities;
■ Identify so called "hate speech" "hate law" & related legislation/judgements war vectors;
■ Identify poisoned food, air, water, atmosphere, including frequencies RFI, EMF & microwave;
■ Identify propaganda, mind control, covert, subliminal and over communication & media;

Government, law, politics:
■ family values, true values, community development;
■ peace, order and good government - nation building;
■ pro-active citizens, problem solving and build something new;
■ pro-active multiple levels of government - pro-Canada;
■ citizen ambassador, thoughtful patriotism, nation building;
■ restore truth, integrity, honesty, altruism, honour, loyalty;
■ nationalism, conservative moral values, proven principals;
■ public service, loyalty, allegiance, civilized moral ethics, altruistic life;

Essential Awareness:
■ globalism/liberalism crime, genocide and treason in the spotlight;
■ identify social engineering, corruption, propaganda, lies, deception;
■ analysis, expose and counter measures - new options;
■ Politics, Economics and Industry - integrated and inter-related;
■ mass media, organized anti nation state and anti-freedom elements;

■ thoughtful economic nationalism, revitalized industry and enterprise;
■ personal, entrepreneur, enterprise, industry and national development;
■ revitalizing the founding people of Canada;
■ history, present and future trends;
■ Made in Canada and Product of Canada - re-invent and transform;
■ individual, local, regional and national optimization;
■ general and advanced capabilities, co-operative networks and more;
■ going beyond problems by creating the future you envision;
■ real education, not propaganda, mind control, social engineering & perversion;

■ Evidently this is a more ethno-nationalist nation buidling endeavour for a civilized advanced civilization;

Education, Trade and Technology Development Program

In Canada, education is a provincial jurisdiction, however, with a proper functioning Ministry of Defence, in accordance with the Defence Mission, and stand on guard for Canada, various pro-active initiatives can be deployed…

Do or Die?

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