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General Idea, Development and Integrated Logistics

Although this applies directly to proposals found at Strategic Enterprise Development Inc. - Advanced Projects, and related enterprises, it is under development for a greater Canada wide nation building endeavour that is essential to revitalize Canadian industry, enterprise, trades and people.

This has been initially envisioned as an independent initiative, however, the ideal of the capacity to enable, augment, amplify, optimize and enhance, in the spirit of co-operation in an extremely important nation building endeavour, with communities, industry, enterprise, with other educational institutions with corresponding compatible values and resource development capabilities, and also working with private investors, wealth management, individuals, community, industry and economic development committees and other relevant associations, that are unified in purpose, direction, values and sense of urgency and priorities.

Notes: Many real Canadians know that there is something drastically wrong and non-existent in education, politics, government, industry, economics and society, which includes the individual, family, community, industry and all levels of government. It is time to make Canada, Canada again.

The individual Canadian wants to have greater educational, trade and technical training, challenging, interesting and rewarding jobs and careers. Solid quality good paying family rated jobs and careers, something they really like, not a robot job, not something where they need to sacrifice who they are, but to keep their integrity, conscience and greatest dreams. With an optimism and confidence that today is different, opportunity and possibility exist where it never did before, in a way that is relevant, realistic and full of promise.

The individual Canadian is proud of who they are and where they are, even though there is a lot in mass media, entertainment and government that is against the individual and including the war against the family, enterprise and freedom. In this endeavour, the individual is important and essential, they are valuable, they can make a difference, and it is in this initiative and endeavour that we can develop the potential of the individual, who ever they may, at what ever level or stage of personal and professional life, with greater opportunities, tools, resources, challenges and rewards. Every individual can emphasize a more Made in Canada and Product of Canada preference, choice and outlook, with a revitalized family, industry, enterprise, community and country that can be built, experienced, developed and projected into a new reality, a transformation into everything we want it to be, our deepest desires, our greatest vision, our most passionate and intense ideals, something awesome, exhilarating, inspiring and full of promise.

It is time to create an environment more conducive, supportive and incredibly more awesome, with the kind of opportunities that can exist and be created nearby in their home town and surrounding area. This must be based on good old fashioned values, something relevant, exciting, interesting and useful, something visionary, dynamic and alive with possibilities that exist no where else. Not everyone is cut out for university, or even college, they are extremely active, outdoors or indoors, may prefer to work with their hands and faculties of creative imagination, as the the artist and scientist, the builder and creator, as the visionary, and with others, co-creating new and extra-ordinary, the kind that jumps in with both feet and hits the ground running - to build and create something personally, engage their heart and soul with a more intense purpose, excitement and energy, active with adventure every day of their lives. We can create centres of learning, real opportunities for personal development and useful for jobs, careers and an unlimited future that exists now and is under development.

This endeavour requires vision, direction, energy and a spirit of co-operation, something productive, profitable, challenging, rewarding, optimistic, practical in every way, yet inspiring to each of us to reach for the stars, to express the best of who we are, going beyond the status quo of mediocrity, stagnation and the non-existent choices. The rare opportunities that may exist now if we are lucky, we can create an abundance of, something that we can have by choice.

We need to create a supportive environment for the individual, who is able to create a better quality of life, to create and support a family, an enterprise, to let the creative imagination run free, to create a more revitalized and dynamic community, industry, enterprise and nation. This includes a revitalized economic, industrial and government environment that is pro-Canada for Canadians.

This requires a transformation in consciousness, thinking and action, co-operative action, and at least the maximum opportunity and resources for the individual to excel on their own and live their wildest dreams, so that they can transform thought and intense desire and create what they want most in their life. The ideal life can have plenty of relevant options, exciting possibilities, every day filled with hope, progress is possible, life can be better in so many ways, encouraging, energizing, enthusiasm as an every day experience. We can create that now and into the future.

This is needed for the individual, it is needed for the enterprise, industry, community and Canada itself. We have many important projects to start and complete, this requires good people. Many enterprises need good people also, who have general and specialized skill, where greater ability and competence can be developed, by people that like and value work that is interesting, productive and profitable. Work that is well matched to the aptitudes, interests, talents, dreams and aspirations of the individual, a place where people can take pride in their work, something challenging, rewarding and awesome, is essential in this endeavour, as creating the opportunities to maximize or optimize the potential of each individual as they go about to live their dreams, experience greater freedom, self-sufficiency and to explore their options.

Understanding enterprise trends, more segmented tasks, robot jobs and boring jobs that greatly limit the individual. We need to vastly increase creative capacity and freedom, of being really in your zone, in addition to more relevant, exciting, challenging and rewarded options with opportunities for advancement, increased compensation, a quality of life that is in every way ideal.

For example, not everyone will engage in CNC machining, but they can work wonders with machinery and certainly don’t need a computer to make parts, they are hands on, in the zone, they know exactly what they are doing and how they are doing it, precision, speed and quality is normal, like a day well spent doing what they like. Not everyone is an engineer, but they can be genius with computerized drawing and uninhibited freestyle drawing and create art, this can be verified and refined further, and the genius, intuition and magic of the individual will stand. We need people to express the best of who they are, present opportunities for learning and growth with challenge, not enforce some robot conformity that will only self destruct the individual, enterprise and society. We can do much better and we will.

With the realization that not everyone is an inventor or visionnaire, but each person can get involved in one way or another, each according to their ability, interest or otherwise, and people that see and understand the vision and want to be part of the action are essential like night and day, enthusiasm, a co-operative environment, energy and enthusiasm are priceless in getting things done.

Unified purpose can transform everything, and with the educational trade and technical training and other resource, in addition to having those exciting jobs and careers on tap is a magnitude of potential that we have yet to explore in a nation building, life transforming way. It is essential that we have an industrious work ethic, solid character and enthusiasm, as this all helps! There are many fantastic possibilities for consideration that go beyond these elementary yet advanced notes of understanding.

We can work together to build great things together, we can really make Canada the land of opportunity. In a way, if someone wanted to make your town and region, your community the land of opportunity, what would you do about it? What if it was you? How could you make a difference?

Choice points and the power to create the future is in your hands, with the sparkle of imagination, a clear vision, ideas, ideals and infrastructure, with creative imagination, an awesome alternate reality can exist. If one would be so lucky to have that kind of power and future fall out of the sky, how much more when someone can make a choice to make it happen?

What would you do, to ensure, enable, augment or amplify the possibility or the reality for that kind of power and future to exist in your life, your community, for an industry, enterprise, trade, profession, career or job, something without parallel or equal, something awesome and more like the dreams of youth and a future that was wide open and full of promise and opportunity?

This may at first simple obviously necessary and brilliant to some, while others, may have no idea about the reality others may experience and are unable to see the world through their eyes, this may even be radical, but then again, we realize that traditional is radical right, real family is radical, Made in Canada and Product of Canada is radical. Independence, self sufficiency, productivity and prosperity is radical. Excellent health is radical. Peace, order and good government is radical, freedom of speech based on real Canadian and true values is radical. The truth is radical.

Exposing crime, genocide, treason and stupidity is radical. An education and mass media without globalism overtones, the liberalism propaganda, sexual corruption, endless distractions from sports or the latest issue of stupid news, or the assault on the body, mind, soul, economic, industry, enterprise and nation with covert, subliminal and obviously destructive, corrosive and corrupting agendas, would be radical. What is radical, the elimination of the not so famous mind control hidden almost every where, reinforced with the dumbed down fraud and socialist engineered curriculum, that is all radical. Do we understand each other? Imagine an environment free from all that, that would be radical, right.

Taking shop class and trades out of high school is radical and stupid, like most government sponsored acts of crime, genocide and treason. Tradition, family business, a useful trade, a productive member of society, a real family, freedom of the creative individual that like to work, in a modern education system, forget it. Stupidity has no may know that by now, just like crime, genocide and treason has no we need to do something much different, more Canadian than ever before, restore true values, real useful education, practical trades, skills, technical training and unparalleled personal character development with an excellence for competence, achievement, pride in individual work, the satisfaction of working together and as an individual. The real values, principals, work, character and ethics that built the country is where the action is, the present moment of right now and the future we can create is the solution. This contrasts fundamentally with endless invasion and expansion of riffraff that is better defined with really descriptive adjectives, nouns and verbs, right? (Contact us for a more descriptive list...) So, what do you vote for, what do you choose?

So, we need to wake up from the super imposed consensus, the trance, the limited possibilities of the frustrated life that goes nowhere fast, we need to create our most exciting life and adventure, better than anything on television or the movies, we need to make the news, to participate, to transform, so we can wake up and feel alive. If we can create more opportunities and an environment for learning that is practical, accessible and beneficial in everyday, the next step on the open road for a better quality of life is ours. A new job, career, exciting enterprise options, something normal, something extra-ordinary.

On the other hand, poverty, being defrauded of the birthright and blessing of being the Canada founding people, loss of opportunity, or having entire industries wiped out, enterprise liquidated and stores full of stuff and junk that is not made in Canada, that’s normal right? Is it normal to have massive job losses and companies nuked or liquidated, as in gone, because of treasonous trade deals and unrestricted imports? Yes, but totally unacceptable. Is it normal to go to a bigger city to get a job, a career or the kind of education and training you think you may need or like? This happens, but communities can create an environment for people, family, enterprise and industry to prosper.

If you are from a small town with big dreams, you need to know that
something incredibly awesome is possible for you, and you can be part of the solution. This is heart and soul stuff, we need to take off the straight jacket, break out of the prison, take an honest look at the wasteland that we see, and the broken sword that is often presented in the quest for the Holy Grail, and choose to build something, right out of the imagination of thin air, an alternate reality, an alternate future, something we can have by choice, that is real powerful freedom of choice, it exists now, you already have it, I will express that to you the best I possibly can!

This is under development, please send in your comments, suggestions, constructive criticism, brilliant ideas or any ideas, and maybe we can work with this and transform thought, creative imagination, into reality eh! It is time to get started, run program, jump in with both feet, hit the ground running, fly by the seat of your pants, get with the program, get in your zone, apply energized effort not endless excuses, get ‘er done! Eh!

Have a great day eh! Revised January 2019