The Real War

The Unknown War is the real war….

Right now, the establishment, the competition that includes foreign state enterprise and private enterprise and other operating arganizations, are not too interested in Made in Canada, in fact most of their stuff is Made in China, who presently is at war with us. Since we consider various peace and war vector scenarios, we offer some additional perspective and understanding about war. Some people may recall, "Business is War"…but it goies much further beyond that.

The real war is currency war, industrial economic war, with the corresponding and related human resources, jurisdiction and regulations of enterprise and production logistics.

The real war involves control and acquisition of resources and people, various private and commercial market demographics, aka territory.

The real war is enterprise warfare, the state versus private enterprise, political war with the subversion, influence and control of people, which includes the war against nation state sovereignty and self sufficiency.

The real war is also a war that super imposes layers of government, proxy government, regulations, supra-national agendas, organizations and bureaucracy, technocracy, which is a war against your mind, real freedom, independence and nation state sovereignty, and in the case of Canada, against the British North America Act of 1867, which forbids the unauthrized and illegal transfer of power or any other form of government, in addition to the illegal 1982 constitution, with a fraudulent royal lie and deception, and the illegal multicultural act, which is against the founding people of Canada, who are subjects of mass genocide by the government and international organizations.

The real war is the war against your health, freedom, independence and privacy, the war for the last castle, your mind, logic, critical analysis, thinking capacity and higher faculties of reason, wisedom, judgement, civilized action, communication, thoughts, words and attitudes, in essence, spiritual warfare also, the war against values, family, faith, freedom and free enterprise.

The real war is against justice and legitimate law and order, the war against peace, order and good government, this is also known as crime, treason, genocide, war, immorality, sickness, disease, death, pollution and stupidity or lack of wisedom and ethical thinking and actions.

Globalism and the ability to plunder, control, acquire, monopolize, restrict, censor, denial of justice, freedom, self sufficiency and higher moral and nation building ideals, that works against the national interests, values, character, prosperity, indepenence and freedom, relevant options and freedom of choice that is essential for the country, nation, people, families, individuals, industry, enterprise, every day and long term planning and actions. These are serious national security threats, in addition to all the other threats and risks that exist.

To be continued…