Questions of the day

What kind of life do you imagine? Is freedom and creative imagination a part of that vision?

What kind of work and career do you like? Is challenge and reward something you enjoy?

What is the quality of life to you? Is family, prosperity, opportunity and creative time included?

What kind of technology and products do you like to develop, contribute to, invest in, custom build or acquire or enjoy the experience or benefit from?

What does a Product of Canada endeavour that includes superior quality products and great value, along with providing solid quality, good paying family rated jobs mean to you?

Imagine what you could do to help make that Product of Canada endeavour idea a reality, for yourself, your family, friends, community and country...imagine something pro-active, something you can do today...what would that be?

Is building something awesome for the long term important to you? If so, why?

Do you take great pride in your work? What are some your achievements that you are proud about?

What kind of values do you have? Is an environment that is supportive and encouraging to individuals, families, enterprise, community, industry and the defence of Canada important and valuable to you?

Is the Civil Defence Network Charter something you understand, relate to and can support?

Do you know that it is possible to invest more than only money, but also possible to invest time, materials, assets, trade expertise, ideas, imagination, conversation to promote something of value, good news, awesome news, you, as the news maker, the citizen journalist and champion of optimism, enthusiasm, energy and worlds of possibilities?

You can write out your answers and ideas, you don’t need to share that with us if you don’t want to, but you can show us by your actions...actions are louder than words sometimes...however words are important, especially if it is part of a plan, an idea, a vision, a to do list, you know, a strategic plan, a budget, or something more complex like a prospectus or a technological projects with zillions of parts...

Personally, we like the toggle switch, speed dial, start and stop buttons, a lighter, gas pedals and throttles, a bottle opener, compass and pocket knife or something much more, of course a chequebook or cash, machinery and materials, shop talk and brilliant imagination, anything idea on a piece of paper, we can turn it into a paper airplane, someone can make it fly, right off the drawing board into the sky...from imagination to alternate reality we can have by choice...the reality of freedom, independence, health, opportunity and is that something that interests you?

Simple eh? Product of Canada, now how is that for the most dynamic solution to all our problems? It goes beyond problem solving, it creates reality, a better future, right here and now, today. You have it in you power, and just as you can choose not to watch too much TV, you can choose to make your own news, experience your own adventure, create and build your own life, if you want you can choose to be involved here, make a difference, be a part of something awesome...

We doubt that you will ever hear or read about it in mainstream news, it is incredible and fantastic that you could be discovering all this and more, what providence, uncensored possibilities awaiting for you with your name on it. How is that for a wake up call, we are not waiting for you, you will wake up to a brand new day of opportunity, new optimism, new vitality, new resources, new revenues a new life. Why, how is that possible? Imagination and takes work, energy, passion, co-operation, dedication, resourceful...of an individual, someone with purpose...going forward now.

Even though Battlegroup 301 Incorporated may sound like a group, it is not against the individual, it is for the individual, in fact the individual is a battlegroup of one...the individual has all the power, at least potential power, you like empowerment right? People wait to have power, to receive it, their title, job or something else, but the reality is power is something you exercise. This is true even if what you might believe to be real power is non-existent, you might be in a situation that you feel powerless...but you are not. The power to think, to plan, to act, to go forward...with courage, hope, optimism, faith and trust, devotion, dedicated, resourceful, relentless resolution, is that not power? What about your health? The food you eat, the water you drink and the air you breathe, or the ideas, attitudes and images that you allow in your brain, the capacity of your body mind soul - to act, to project, to transcend space time and know incredibly much more than by conscious physical sense - what about that? Ah yes, the power to choose, yes, you can do something different now, right now, don’t wait for tomorrow.

Unity also makes power, unity in purpose, direction, effort, vision, co-operation. Unified people increase their power, energy and vitality, there is nothing like it in the whole world. Unified people have common values, true values, their dreams and focus. A unified family as civilized people, the natural family, is the building block of society, the foundation of community, responsible economics, who might be patriots, or nationalists, or even economic nationalists and industrialists, they are citizens, they have dreams, they have an idea about life and what they want it to be like, we hope that here, we will find common ground, we will need to, as we need to build things from the ground up...right into the sky...the sky is the limit...there is no limit, like imagination, there is no limit...imagine for a moment what kind of life that would be, a life without limitations, a life of unlimited possibilities that includes unlimited resources...

You need to know, that we are each here to do and achieve certain specific things...if you have an idea about that, something your passionate about, something you believe in, what you want to be, to do, to have, to achieve, to experience or anything at all...this is a really good thing, awesome in fact. You can be the individual that makes all the difference...once you wake up to the reality that you have super powers, something special...who would know that your fortress of found deep in thought...away from the distractions and so called entertainment that does nothing but keep you enslaved from knowing who you really are and all the fantastic things you are capable of and the life of adventure, challenge and opportunity, with the reward and satisfaction that you achieve from simply going forward...into the direction of your dreams, the transformation of thought, ideas, plans and vision into reality...step by step.

We need good people to do something, something is better than nothing, life can change in a moment of frozen time, accelerated time or even in a realm where you can go forward or back in time.

What are you going to do with that imagination of yours? What are you doing with all the power to choose? What are
you doing with the awesome capabilities to learn, grow, to think and dream, make plans, take the initiative or even get involved in something you believe in, something that resonates with your heart and soul?

What are you going to do with all these ideas, or any single one of them?

Is the ability to transform your life, to create an alternate reality, something a lot more interesting, exciting and up to speed? How do you answer to yourself, the individual, the one with all the power, the hero in your soul, the one who dreams great things and yearns for freedom?

What about adventure, opportunity and a quality of life beyond measure, something beyond your present imagination, do you have the courage to go forward, do you have what it takes, can you take a step in that direction, into the unknown, out of and away from your conform zone, your personal prison of security, certainty, routine predictability and conformity? What about it eh?

Do you have a robot job that you don’t give a damn about? Do you sacrifice your freedom for your survival?

Do you realize that in reality that sacrifice of freedom is the death of your true soul, the true individual inside that has been suppressed and tortured for lifetimes, the creative imagination and genius that resides within and is your energy field, something you are not even aware of, or maybe had an idea or suspicion all along or recently that there is in fact something much more going on that what meets the eyes and ordinary sensory perceptions of what you believe to be reality?

How do you answer to your heart? Will you make excuses, tell it lies, or believe in and accept some grand clever deception that would reduce you to rubble, non-existence, someone that never made a difference when they could have...done just one thing that would have made all the difference.

Astral time travel - is that a little vague and nebulous for you? How about imagination - your future, choice points in the time line, what on earth will you do? Will you trust yourself, even with limited intel, awareness, resources, power? Are you able to let go and experience unimaginable freedom, opportunity, challenge and reward that goes way beyond anything anyone has ever presented, organized or offered before?

If this really was your last day in this present life time, what would you do or not do? This is not an anxiety producing question now is it? Will you live everyday as if it were your last and live it if you had another hundred years to go?

What kind of values do you have and live by?

What are your dreams, your greatest vision, what about those things you love and care about the most, what about the people you know? Would you make new friends, people that can continue into multiple lifetimes, or right now, accept opportunities that would surprise you with intensity and possibilities beyond any science fiction adventure that anyone could imagine?

What if everything up to now was only a preparation, an opportunity to learn, grow, develop, practice your skills, develop your character and decision making ability, to understand the way things work, and maybe, just maybe the intrigue that there is a life possible that can offer a chance to do something different...what would you do?

I know exactly what I am doing, I am writing...every moment something different, alive, vibrant, heart to heart, soul to soul. Maybe I will make a difference, certainly to myself, even if nobody reads this, censored beyond measure, I the individual will remain, my life is transformed.

Imagine how you would feel, knowing that a financial institution could distribute a one page simplified prospectus that says a little or a lot about nothing, something irrelevant, maybe even anti-Canadian, anti-freedom, anti-individual, anti-health, anti-nation state sovereignty, now compare that with something in the opposite direction at the speed of thought, comprehensive, relevant, timely, urgent, critical, pro-Canadian, pro-freedom, pro-individual, pro-health, pro-sovereignty, pro-Made in Canada and Product of Canada, pro quality of life...thoughtful patriotism, self sufficiency, something you can write home about...see, all the work, devoted work, something money just can’t buy at any price.

How about that, pitch a deal, people don’t know, can’t decide, have no idea, they are insecure, fearful, have doubts about nothing and everything, stuck, can’t move forward on the smallest detail, the starting point, membership, a basic idea and direction, “a wee bit of co-operation” “just a little bit” yeah, now we are talking eh, hmmm.

Imagine someone inventing something so advanced, it made everything else on the planet imagine the same person inventing something even more advanced, more awesome, even before anyone was able to respond, to get involved...imagine the reality of response ability...what do you think it feels like...

Many people have lots of money and time for coffee, lotteries, bingo, scratch tickets, smokes, endless sports, endless entertainment, all kinds of payments, but what about work, creating the future, an alternate future, something a whole lot more exciting...what about industrial park developments to create opportunity and possibility, instead of only massive multimillion dollar recreational complex in a town near you?

What about defence technology development, or is your solution to deny Canadians that experience, opportunity and power, with imports?

What about an environment that is supportive and conducive to the individual, the entrepreneur and enterprise, the vitality of the family, industry and community, a vibrant manufacturing, natural resource and healthy food supply, strong family values, true values? Is this important to you?

Or do you prefer endless immigration, one that super imposes another law, another culture, another language, one that makes your existence a crime, you, a criminal, the cause of all problems, one that should be discriminated against at every opportunity and eventually destroyed? Are you on the side of traitors and genocide maniacs, the hard core liberalism religion, globalism, selling out your country with a vengeance?

Do you know the difference between globalization and globalism and how mainstream media deceives and misleads people to confuse, divide and conquer people?

Do you know how each political party has been hijacked, compromised, corrupted and configured against you, Canada and the citizens? Do you understand the degree of crime, fraud, genocide and treason that is being done on a massive and unprecedented scale, or even if by possibility you have been involved in someway, perhaps unknowingly or by deception or simply lack of greater awareness that something was not and is not quite right, and maybe you had no idea what it could be...until you came across and idea, some information or a rather different sort of conversation that maybe challenged you, intrigued you, or motivated you? Is there a point or a moment when the lights came on? Or were they almost always on, getting brighter and brighter so that everything is self evident and plain as daylight right before your eyes.

Did you ever get the idea, the feeling, the vision or possibility will change it?

I think that’s all for now, I had to get that off my to speak.