Choose Now

National, industrial, economic, enterprise and civil defence.

Peace, Order and Good Government vs. Crime, Treason and Genocide.

Choose Now!

Let's play "know the enemy…"

Globalism, Liberalism, Technocracy, Socialism
Anti-nation state, unlimited imports and immigration
Cultural Marxism, Industrial economic and cultural genocide
Injustice, tyranny, oppression, anti-white, anti-founding people,
Liberal fascist media, governments masquerading as religions,
Anti-straight white male, anti-Made in Canada…

That was easy, wasn't it?

Due to national security reasons…freedom isn't free

Who pays and who benefits?
Where are we now in the timeline?
What kind of choice points do we have?

Doing nothing is not an option, to lay down and die is not an option,
To be in debt with no way out, enslaved, with no relevant options
Or to be hungry, homeless or out of work, is not acceptable.

To be forced to buy someone else's garbage is stupid.
To continue with products of inferior quality,
made somewhere else is lacking in vision,
it is the technique of poverty and imbeciles.

We are capable of being a visionary of the future,
with industrial design engineering Made in Canada,
custom made, limited and mass production.

Real values, vision and work creates
valuable superior high performance high quality
Made in Canada products and services.

Being defenceless is not an acceptable option either.

The acceptance of personal responsibility increases power and freedom,
this creates, enables, augments and amplifies
the individual, creative imagination and our ability
to co-operate and work to build great things together.

Respect, trust, understanding and loyalty to the tribe
people with character, true values and courage to go forward
Individuals with an industrious work ethic is essential.

Unity is strength - focus is power, co-operation is the amplifier,
the individual is valued, challenged, rewarded, empowered and set free.

Everyone has different abilities, everyone can express the best of who they are.

We are in the business of building character, enterprise, industry and economic vitality,
National and civil defence capabilities is unified and integrated with everything we do.

We go forward notwithstanding crime, genocide and treason, of the enemy,
or stupidity, ignorance, neglect, lack of awareness or other endless distractions,

We are ordinary people,
who have vision, understanding, perception and conscience,
with a sense of direction, purpose and urgency,
doing, being, achieving with excellence, something extra-ordinary.

On the battlefield,
We are in the quest of the holy grail, body, mind, spirit, heart and soul,
a revitalized, energetic, enthusiastic personal effort,
that leaves nothing to chance, to secure territory, to vanquish the enemy,
make progress, increase the quality of life, to be there solidly, dedicated and free.

Now is the time for all good citizens to come to the aid of their country.

That is why!