Opportunities present a space time continuum in a creative landscape of options. Challenges are ever present to our coping skills and altruistic outlook, that offers plenty of opportunity to build and express the best of who we are, in our character and personality, super-charged with an industrious, creative and resourceful work ethic, we advance forward step by step in our quest with patience, vision, tenacity and co-operation, faith, courage, confidence, audacity, resolution and determination.

This quest requires integrity, real solid character based on true values, something Battlegroup 301 Incorporated personnel and others believe in and live by, in an environment, organization and opportunities that are conducive to promote and develop individual character, independence and competence in corresponding mission tasking.

In addition to mission tasking, an incredible range of options, programs, projects, products, services and ideas that can transform reality. Reality is transformed with boldness, leadership, pro-active vision, real work, personal responsibility, self-sufficiency, optimism, encouragement, individual initiative, co-operative teamwork, and with the essential humbling, honourable and challenging reality that goes beyond duty. In our duty and other acts of valour, we each have something to contribute, understanding that everyone is gifted or capable in different ways, or have various interests, skill sets, capabilities or resources, time, connections or make it happen capacity.

The appreciation and promotion and growth of the individual is essential for independence, autonomy, capability and personal responsibility, with initiative and action. Many hands make light certainly true, likewise the me, myself and I are doing it, or me and God make the majority, or faith, patience and work are super powers of the transformation of consciousness and see, you are already on your way to greatness...

February 1, 2021 - a step in the right direction

This project is expanding at an exponential rate. What is under development is the Logistics Vision & Logistics.

This is expanding a comprehensive endeavour by considerable magnitude…