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This is not a real blog yet...
Prelude to mission tasking starts here. There are some things you might like to read, to know, to take action on...

EXO-1 Let’s focus our attention
EXO-2 Yikes! Know the enemy.
EXO-3 Stand on guard for Canada eh!
EXO-4 Trade with America
EXO-5 Personal Health Plan
EXO-6 Buyers vs. Retailer vs. Spending Priorities
EXO-7 We can choose!
EXO-8 Envision!
EXO-9 Invest in Made in Canada eh! National Economics
EXO-10 Perspective
EXO-11 Agriculture, Forestry & the Environment
EXO-12 Management Ideals
EXO-13 Protectionism eh!
EXO-14 School system vs family & civilization
EXO-15 The Quantum Theory of Stupidity
EXO-16 Canadianism