B-301 Industry and Technology

In the realm of industry and technology we have the opportunity to utilize, develop and integrate a magnitude of capabilities, in addition to the typical values of strategic, tactical and operational advantage, with a greater awareness of peace and war vector scenarios, including the asymmetrical scenarios, proxy warfare and direct warfare campaigns such as the destruction of industrial and transportation assets and personnel.

Ideals to integrate and optimize can go beyond typical solutions and enterprise approaches that may be more subject to problematic challenges, disruptions, threats, weakness and vulnerabilities, in addition to other risk factors.

Some risk factors may include, the public stock market, unions, global supply chains, industrial economic war vector scenarios, agressive and unwanted investment, control and ownership by enemies foreign and domestic, including predatory investment groups who get endless supplies of free money either by counterfeit, electronic digital creation or other useful private illegal organizations such as the federal reserve and other money laundering schemes such as the stock market, and the other advanced persitent threats in electronic, computer and software systems, and subversion, espionage, infiltration and exfiltration of anything useful, deployment of sabotage, mismanagement, treasonous actions, unprofessional conduct and other physical damage to the infrastructure, including any and all vulnerabilities throughout the supply chain, which also include union strikes (foreign controlled unions engaged in industrial, economic warfare) , media campaigns, hammering stock values, predatory hostile takeovers, contract management, acquistion, fulfillment or otherwise.

Many companies do not operate at the much higher level of threat identification and pro-active solutions, however, at Battlegroup-301, mission tasking is more comprehensive, and the things in our power to do, may be much different than another enterprise, as awareness, urgency and magnitude of integrated choice points exist which can either be for an advantage and national asset or disadvantage and serious risk; and subject to national, industrial, enterprise and civil security threat or asset analysis.

This can be and is expanded upon in much greater detail, with private consulting and pro-active endeavours.