The good news:
Our main focus here is alternate energy generation and free energy.
Energy for the home, enterprise, vehicles and more.
Energy independence is independence.

Awesome inventions have been already made and more right now.
Investment, development and acquisition of energy technology is a great idea.
Savings, revenue, increased independence and more capabilities.

The bad news:
Smart meters are bio-hazards they will be subject to replacement and class action litigation.

Smart meters are enforced genocide by the anti nation state anti sovereignty genocide maniacs.

Enforced genocide is about your health, your life, your ability to think and reproduce and defend your country, family, community and even yourself.

Smart meters are tools of surveillance and control, they are not pro-health or pro-independence.

Smart meters, cell towers, wifi and related technology can be and are easily utilized for death, sickness and mind control. This included damage to your eyes with reduced vision, clarity and focus, and hearing problems with damage to the inner ear, including associated hearing problems.

Cell phones microwave your brain, your DNA and your ability to reproduce and for your body to heal itself and also have a good nights sleep. Brain frequency, sleep and other natural cycles of the body are disturbed considerably.

Diabolical genocide maniac rogue liberalism globalism government agents want to replace the real Canadian population with immigration and wipe out the founding people of Canada. You will never read about it in mainstream media controlled by the enemy...

More good news:
You now know more than many people do, what has been censored.
The good news is that you can do something about it.

Genocide or life, it’s your choice, it starts with energy.

Why pay to a criminal gang of genocide maniacs? It’s freedom and don’t die...not give me liberty or death, it’s liberty and life, it is non negotiable, end of story. Let us see what kind of fight you have....
Now read this one more time...and then read