Strategic Account

Battlegroup 301 Incorporated - offers the SEDI-Strategic Account invented by Strategic Enterprise Development Inc. for unified integration in the Visionary Portfolio, optimizing the range of transactions for individuals, enterprise, entities and government:

The Strategic Account :
● a non-investment account utilized for transactions with SEDI;
● for financial and non-financial contributions in trust;
● and controlled by the Private Executive Trustee and the Member Co-trustee;

● utilized with or for general and specific opportunities;
● includes terms, compensation, conditions, rights, options, payments etc.;
● can promote, create, enable, augment or amplify;

● private enterprise, technology, products, services, programs and projects;
● and may include or offer corresponding prospectus and executive summaries;
● utilizes parallel characteristics of capital structure, ownership, voting, control;

● integrates development, leasing, conditional sales or acquisition contracts;
● integrates co-development, joint ventures and business combinations;
● integrates employment, working share-owner, enterprise commerce options;

● VIP-RSVP promotion, tangible and intangible benefits and opportunities;

● may utilize various jurisdictions, entities, associations and agreements;
● utilized for initial organization, IPO, invest, custom build and buying group;

● custom made, in fixed or variable for temporary, intermediate and long term;
● integrates financial and non-financial resource options;
● integrates revenue, compensation, rights, conditions and provisions;

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